Riding makes my joint disease disappear

I have a say in the benefits of cycling to joints.

Ten years ago, I never exercised, but I got a disease of sports talents called “meniscus tear”.

The knee joint of my right leg often “locked”.

My leg could not be straightened, and I had to be supported when I walked.

Some people said that I was “athletic round” and “athletic disabled”, meaning that I was round and disabled without much exercise.

I had an MRI in a Grade III A hospital, and the doctor suggested an operation immediately.

I hesitated for a long time, and finally chose conservative treatment.

Later, I fell in love with cycling.

It became my inseparable “good friend”.

I rode it to and from work.

When I got home, I would ride it to go out for a fast ride.

I would not rest without a sweat; When it comes to holidays, cycling has become my best toy.

First, I ride alone around the city, then I travel in groups to other places to pursue the scenery.

The more solid and light I ride, the more confident and sunny I ride, and the more reluctant I am to put it down.

A friend wondered, why not buy a car to drive? How tired I am riding a bike! I said that your car burns oil and costs money to pollute the air.

My car is low-carbon, environmentally-friendly, burns fat and brings health! Isn’t it good to be tired and happy? After a few years of exercise, I changed from a “virtual fat man” who was listless and sickly to a “healthy man” who was alert, capable and strong.

My weight dropped to below 70 kg, blood sugar and blood lipid returned to normal range, and fatty liver had disappeared long ago; My breathing, blood pressure, heart rate and other dynamic indicators are much better than those of ordinary people, and my spirit is particularly full, as if I were back to the hot blooded youth; The most incredible thing is that my knee joint disease not only did not deteriorate further, but improved in an all-round way.

In the past, I always limped away from me for several days every month.

In recent years, a study abroad found that cycling can not only reduce the pain caused by arthritis, but also prevent the occurrence of arthritis.

Senior cyclists may all know that cycling can prevent muscle atrophy caused by aging and increase muscle mass.

Some medical experts also suggest that patients should keep pedaling for about 30 minutes every day to observe the effect on arthritis.

Dr Rob Middleton found that non weight bearing exercise may be more effective than stem cell therapy or nano therapy in repairing joints.

At the same time, Dr.

Midden was not alone in this discovery.

A study conducted by the US Bureau of Disease Control shows that cycling every day can prevent arthritis and relieve the pain of arthritis patients.

Cycling itself is also a favorite sport of Dr.

Midden, and explained that although the main cause of arthritis is the wear of bones and cartilage, it is also related to muscles.

He added that although professional cyclists also have arthritis, as soon as they stop cycling, the symptoms will worsen.

Those who wish to order “watching” will never have a flat tire when riding a bike ↓↓↓..