Riding/living/biking/caring for the elderly, public welfare on the road

The feeling in the world can only be warm if you move around more.

After staying in their own life circle for a long time, they always think that everyone is living well.

Only when we get out of the comfort zone do we know that movies originate from life, and life is far more cruel than movies.

When we walked into the Baiyang Village, we really felt that in the flourishing life situation, there was a small corner that was often forgotten by busy us – the elderly left behind in remote villages.

They are forced by life or for physical reasons, living alone in this land reclaimed by their ancestors.

Because the roads are difficult to walk and the people are not gathered enough, many basic living materials in the village are scarce.

The flour we donated needs two families to gather together to buy enough.

The rice we bought must go to Lila County.

On the way, the tires of the minivan were flattened because of the heavy material.

The crooked wheels are struggling on the mountain road.

Isn’t this the epitome of the life of the old people here? When we passed here to take photos of the students and elderly in the village, we visited several families in the village.

Their plight gave us the idea of donation.

Xiamen Xingsanyang immediately provided us with strong support.

We have purchased some winter materials for them according to their actual living needs.

However, due to masks, the logistics vehicle for purchasing materials was closed on the national highway for three days before it arrived in the county.

After several days of preparation, we finally arranged everything properly and distributed these materials to the elderly.

We gathered in the small square to distribute materials, and everyone gathered like New Year’s Day to talk about family matters and make fun of each other.

Before unloading, the old people still walked around the car from time to time to see what was inside.

They can’t read, but they can recognize flour, so they are full of expectations for what is in the box.

When we took out the kettle, the way they couldn’t put it down made people feel mixed.

One old man even wanted the village cadres to take a video to thank us.

For us, boiling a kettle is a rare and ordinary commodity, but for these old people, like a treasure, they keep saying, “The quality is very good”, “The quality is very high at first sight”, “There will be hot water to drink later”…

Because they can only burn a clay stove here, it is not very convenient, so they basically do not drink water, and drink cold water when thirsty.

Unexpectedly, the “panacea” we often talk about – “drink more hot (warm) water” is a kind of expectation for them.

We can imagine the reaction of the elderly when they took out the small electric cooker.

Let us rough men also can not help being moved.

They won’t use it.

We will teach them to use the simplest buttons and the most convenient way to use them bit by bit.

You can’t imagine how difficult winter is here.

You need to go to the wheat field to get grass from time to time.

Holding his weak body and braved the cold wind, he pulled out the frozen wheat stalks from the haystack.

His hands full of chilblains were cut again and again……

Meters are also rare here, because there is no rice to grow here.

So they are willing to take out a little bit of white rice to cook.

Food is the most important thing for people.

In the burning eyes of these villagers, I saw many smiling faces of old people.

During this period, Arnold also helped the old people cut their hair.

They seldom go to the town, so they basically try to cut by themselves.

They are not sure whether the cutting is good or not.

They wear a bag of scarves and hats to see who is the same.

At the beginning, some people were afraid that their hair would be too dirty and dirty Arnold’s hands; Some people think that there are too many people and it is not good to show up in public.

Everyone looks at each other and makes fun of each other.

It was not until they finished cutting one that they were surprised that the hair could be cut so well.

Then they began to line up in a long line, some people even worried that they could not line up.

They are afraid of new things, but they are eager to contact new things.

Sometimes they just need a breakthrough.

Some old people are really inconvenient, so we will drive to help them.

During the delivery process, I realized that some slopes here were very steep, and the transport vehicle could not get on after several attempts.

Finally, I had to ask someone else to help me transfer.

By 7 p.m., we were surprised to find that many people had closed their clothes and slept.

The tranquility of this moment makes us feel a little like an isolated world.

At this time of the city, you should also light up the nightlife in the noise of various loudspeakers, music, shouting, etc.

I like the night here very much.

It’s quiet and farsighted…

When you go out of the box to frame yourself, you will see the wild yourself in the past and feel the beating heart.

The last family we donated lives in a natural village close to the mountain.

In winter, it was dark at night and early in the morning.

We walked around the mountains for a long time before arriving.

Just entering the village, I saw an old man waiting for us in the cold wind on the dimly lit road.

The light pulled his shadow very long.

At first we thought we were coming to see him, but we found an older man lying on the bed, paralyzed in bed, when we entered the house.

They are father and son, and their children are in other places.

Now they depend on each other as partners.

For decades, the two of them came and went back, gathered and scattered many people, and finally accompanied each other.

Ten days after we left there, we were still on the road when we received the news that the old father had left…

We walked peacefully…

Life was in a hurry, we stopped and were relatively silent…

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