Riding like this, it’s easy to lose friends!


Riding without a helmet is closely related to your own safety.

It is extremely dangerous to ride without a helmet.

Once you fall, the consequences will be serious.

However, some cyclists don’t even listen to the advice, insist on not wearing it, and they will refute it.

In case of such riders, everyone must be broken.


The painful experience of riding without lights at night can be found everywhere in the circle.

The light is dim and you can’t see the road clearly, which leads to a car crash.

In the eyes of others, you are not recognized, which leads to a collision.

There are countless such things…

In a word, they are all pains witnessed by blood and tears.

I hope you can pay attention to them.


The rules and cooperation are extremely important when you do not follow the basic safety rules and change lanes at will! Keep your position, do not change the track at will, and stop riding side by side, reverse riding, and throwing handlebars.

Otherwise, it will not only affect the riding of the front and rear riders, but also may lead to accidents such as falling and crashing, leading to danger.


It was not punctual to make an appointment.

It was clear that the departure time was delayed.

It was not only your own time, but also the time of your teammates.

The delay may lead to the disruption of all the activities, resulting in a bad subsequent impact, which will greatly affect the riding experience.


The group riders don’t wait for others.

If they don’t cooperate with the team, there may always be a god who thinks that your team is too slow…

So they leave the team alone and run in the front, but perhaps the danger is also ahead…

In the collective riding activities, they should cooperate with the organizer’s arrangement and command, maintain a stable distance between each other, and ensure that teammates can take care of each other.

It is recommended to set the assembly point in advance, and then set off at a fixed point.

We all hope to go and return together.


It is said that leisure riding is good…

but I still try my best to pull; It was clearly agreed to bring new people…

but I didn’t care about the explosion! After riding with such a teammate once, I don’t want to have another time.


When you ride a bicycle, you are no longer an individual, but represent the group of cyclists.

Throwing garbage, destroying public facilities, climbing trees, and even the previous event of counterfeiting riders have greatly damaged the image of the cycling community.


There may also be people who express negative views behind them.

They don’t participate in activities themselves, and they also find various reasons to encourage others not to participate.

Then, why on earth do they ride bicycles?..