Riding Jiagu mountain, senior three!

Welcome to pay attention to 11:00 a.m.

the invigilation task of this junior high school academic level test was successfully completed.

Although I sat for only 10 minutes and stood for invigilation the rest of the time, I felt my feet were OK.

I plan to take these hours to go out for a walk, so as not to be paralyzed in bed without leaving my mobile phone at home…

Yesterday’s strong wind washed away the dust in the air.

The weather is particularly good.

There are a few dark clouds in the west of the tile blue sky, Check the weather forecast.

It turns sunny after a light rain.

It is not suitable for a long trip.

I decided to ride to Jiagu mountain and then climb the mountain.

When we get home, we quickly finish what we should do, first what we should do, then what we like to do.

Sometimes we work hard and efficiently, just to spare more time to do what we like and accompany the people we like.

At lunch, we go to Mingli chicken soup noodles, meet brother Xiao, fight the table, resist drinking beer, and it is 1:00 p.m.

when we get home, we start.

The scenery along the way was good.

There was a light rain at the north outer ring road.

Huaixianglei village didn’t smell Huaixiang.

The village regulations and village instructions of Hanzhuang village in Qicun town were well designed and meaningful.

Unfortunately, the mobile phone was in the backpack and didn’t take pictures.

On the way, I found the next destination: Ganquan temple and Caishen mountain.

It was beautiful to meet the acacia tree again.

It took about 40 minutes to ride to the top of Jiagu mountain in the far view of the greenway.

It was very difficult to ride in the section of Dai Gu landform with the wind and cloud in the valley.

Finally, I climbed up by pushing my car.

The two different geomorphic types in the far view are sedimentary rocks, but the sedimentary environment and deposition time are different.

Rebate teaching materials for geological disaster warning signs on the road: broken rock mass, large terrain fluctuations, poor vegetation coverage, Rich knowledge of landslide, debris flow, collapse and karst collapse of loose materials, and disaster prevention and mitigation.

More than 80% of landslides and collapses occur in the rainy season, especially during or after the rain.

Therefore, Mr.

Deng suggested that we should not climb the mountain after the rain.

In addition, we should wear helmets throughout the climbing process! The mountain road is eighteen bends, and it is an old road for many years.

Stones are everywhere.

In order to prevent tire puncture, I pushed the car to zoom in on the stone pavilion above.

At the bottom of the cliff, I thanked a pair of father and son who met by chance for taking photos.

Looking down from the place where Mr.

Deng sent the car, I had a panoramic view of the great river and mountain.

Looking back, I saw the road in the “zigzag” shape, which is called “winding mountain detour” in the teaching materials.

With the development of science and technology, Now, let’s go straight to the “natural moat becomes a thoroughfare”.

Please remember the bridge Museum in Guizhou! In those days, when Master Kong came here to join the league, he also made great efforts to develop half of the mountain on the opposite side.

It was chilling! There is water climbing Jiagu mountain and xiaozaozhuang.

Confucius ascended Dongshan mountain and Xiaolu mountain, and ascended Taishan Mountain and the world is small.

Therefore, it is difficult for those who view the sea to be water, and it is difficult for those who swim at the gate of saints to say.

If you can see the water, you must see the billows.

The sun and the moon are bright, and the face light must shine.

Running water is a thing, but not Yingke; A gentleman’s ambition lies in the Tao.

If he doesn’t make a chapter, he won’t reach it.

I especially like the above paragraph, especially the scarlet letter part.

I learned it well when I was a student.

Read it several times and the meaning will come out! Of course, some people also extended the following meaning: on the surface, it refers to the height of Mount Tai, but in fact it refers to people’s horizons and horizons.

Horizons are accumulated little by little.

Standing at a higher level, going to a more advanced environment, continuous learning and seeking breakthroughs can surpass ourselves and improve self-awareness and understanding.

In addition to the small Zaozhuang village, you can also see Baodu Gu from a distance.

It’s about four o’clock.

Today, you can’t see the sunset.

You have to go back to school before six o’clock to watch the evening self-study.

By the way, you can mobilize the children’s senior three to prepare to go down the mountain.

Wild strawberries were your favorite when you were a child.

They taste good.

You can tell what each wild fruit is, what it looks like, what it tastes good, and where it is distributed, Probably the most proud thing about me when I grew up in the mountains.

It was so cool when I rode back.

I went downhill at a very fast speed.

I didn’t dare to shoot with my mobile phone.

It seemed that it was time to buy a sports camera.

I arrived at school at six o’clock on time.

When I saw that there were too many people asking for leave, I was in a bad mood.

When it was time to ask for leave, I really felt helpless.

Recently, I really liked the man of the all China class who had set Dalian football back 20 years, If you kick fast, you will kick faster.

If you kick slow, you will kick slower.

You never know how good you are Isn’t learning like this? In the past, Chinese football, everyone made money out of harmony.

Now there is a “roll king”, who doesn’t love money.

Can you be unhappy? Finally, I would like to conclude with Xiehui’s words that he was forced to suspend his post after drinking and telling the truth.

I would like to give them to the children of senior three: you can’t give the world to the people you despise.

You are welcome to pay attention to the videos taken on the road.

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Thank you!..