Riding: It is not only an active recovery method after horse running, but also a good aerobic fat burning exercise

Lao Wang opened a video number ▲ Follow Lao Wang and share a little running knowledge every day ▲ Author: Old Visius_ Song Weijiang Source: Laowei Xiaowu (ID: laowei xiaowu) “Light riding is about 70-90 steps and can be easily stepped.” After running 42km, I rested for two days.

It is said that after finishing the whole horse in a fierce competition, it is recommended to rest for a week.

Old Wei’s intensity of running the whole horse is relatively low.

It takes 4 hours and 45 minutes.

The overall feeling is relatively relaxed, and there is no strong sense of hitting the wall.

Some old friends of God called me “wandering” before.

Therefore, a week is obviously unnecessary.

After running on Wednesday, in the morning of the next day, the cardiopulmonary capacity has been restored.

Of course, in terms of load, it is shown as excessive, which is not contradictory.

There is no pain in the lower leg, which is a big surprise.

It seems that it is really “wandering”, but the front of the thigh is a little sour.

And in the afternoon of the next day (the second day of the rest, yesterday), there was basically no strange feeling.

To be cautious, I decided to dig out the bicycles that had been parked for more than half a year and start a new stage by riding them in a light way.

In the last year, with one hour as the limit, my family was very relieved of my self-control in sports.

I don’t have the aggressive and competitive performance I used to have.

Therefore, just from the perspective of not letting family worry, today is not suitable for a large amount of exercise.

Therefore, the limit is one hour.

The result is that the whole process is not as uniform as running at a uniform speed.

Riding is different from running: for the relatively flat uphill and downhill, the contrast during running is not very obvious, but because of the fast speed, the slight uphill and downhill will have a clear feeling.

Therefore, when riding on the auxiliary road of the main road, the speed caused by the seemingly inconspicuous uphill and downhill is actually quite different.

Because of this, the heart rate is not as flat as it is when running.

But generally speaking, aerobic exercise is still the main state.

After all, running the whole horse three days ago is an extreme sport, so although it seems that the state has recovered, it is still prudent to control it within an hour or so.

Running horses is not for slimming down.

I have been running for many years.

Some of them are serious, while others are not systematic because of work.

Until three years ago, I realized that there should be some changes and we should pay attention to the effect.

So he returned to the track of “serious running”.

But for many years, the starting point of running is to slim down.

Even seven to eight years ago, I had run the Beijing Second Ring Road (33km) for several times, and I rarely thought about running the whole horse.

In the end, like many friends who started slimming down and ended up in the marathon pit, he started running a marathon three years ago.

Running horses has nothing to do with losing weight! If horse running is a necessary condition for weight loss, it is too much pressure for most people who want to lose weight.

After all, running horses is not easy.

There are some statistics about the number of horse runners on the Internet.

It is hard to say the exact proportion, but it is not too much to say that “choose one from ten thousand miles”.

Therefore, it is understandable that we should run horses when we go astray after losing weight, but we should not take running horses as a way to lose weight, otherwise, too many people will be blocked from losing weight.

Cycling is a simple way of slimming that I prefer.

When I met a relative, I asked if there was a simple way to slim down.

According to my understanding of the actual situation, I will add two premises to the above questions: 1.

In this question, the questioner can never choose to run; 2.

In this question, it is unlikely to choose lifting iron.

Under the above two premises, let’s see if there is any way to slim down.

There are two things Lao Wei will definitely not recommend: 1.

Lao Wei absolutely opposes dieting; 2.

Lao Wei doesn’t believe that daily walking can help him slim down, and this kind of walking refers to the intensity of “eating after meals”.

Under the four prerequisites of the above two aspects, Lao Wei believes that cycling is a more appropriate way to slim down.

The reasons are as follows: 1.

The intensity of cycling is higher than that of walking.

Take this morning’s restorative riding.

The average heart rate is 130, and the maximum heart rate (which occurs at the moment of going downhill, then going uphill, and not yet shifting to the block) is 160.

We often say that in order to obtain fat burning income, there must be two conditions: “sufficient intensity and better fat burning efficiency”.

A relatively high heart rate can obtain a large consumption base.

The consumption of about 600 calories is very close to that of running for one hour.

The maximum speed has even reached 40 km/h, which is really great for a folding car! 2.

At this heart rate, the fat burning efficiency is relatively high.

As we all know, when the reserve heart rate is 50%, the proportion of burning fat and burning carbon water for energy is roughly balanced, which is equivalent to 1:1.

The higher the heart rate, the higher the proportion of burning carbon and water, on the contrary, the higher the proportion of burning fat.

Theoretically, the proportion of burning fat while lying down is high, but the consumption base is too small.

Lao Wei’s 50% reserve heart rate.

If you run at 120, there should be a slight difference when you ride.

Let’s borrow it.

Therefore, the 120-130 range is a relatively balanced range between “larger consumption base” and “better fat burning efficiency”.

Taking this case as an example, the average strength is 130, and the fat burning energy supply is relatively good.

The later you go, because you feel you have recovered from the horse race, the more sprints you have, the stronger you will be, and the lower your burn rate will be.


Riding is less scary than running.

Running is a happy thing for people who want to itch all over if they don’t run for a day.

But for people who have never run, running is a frightening thing.

However, for most people, riding has no sense of fear.

It seems to be easier to get started than the “running” of “you can run with your feet up”.

In addition to being easy to get started, riding is easier than running..