Riding is very expensive and economical

Long distance riding takes time and money, but a group of riders can save money.

Let’s take a look at their stories with Xiaobian! Xu Xiaoguang, a 28 year old massage master, my least expensive ride was back to my hometown last summer.

I rode for 15 days, with an average of 120 kilometers a day.

It cost less than 300 yuan, with an average of 20 yuan a day.

Eating is usually steamed bread + old godmother.

Sometimes I have a meat meal at night.

I eat very full every day and haven’t been hungry.

All the water was borrowed along the way.

I didn’t buy water or drinks.

There are basically no other expenses.

I should be a real poor ride and travel! Ma Shuai, a 21-year-old student, is a poor student.

The money for buying a car is saved by eating instant noodles for two months, so I can save on long-distance riding.

Accommodation is usually a Youth Hostel, and the price is basically 40 or 50 yuan.

Eat three meals a day, breakfast 1.5 yuan soybean milk, 2 yuan steamed stuffed buns, 10 yuan a bowl of noodles at noon and 10 yuan a bowl of noodles at night.

Northerners like to eat noodles, and they can eat enough, which is not expensive.

If you buy water, you can buy up to one bottle a day, which is 1.5 yuan.

Most of the time, you replenish water at the place where you eat and stay.

Basically, it costs more than 70 yuan to ride in a day.

I’m a 19-year-old student.

I don’t eat when I ride.

After all, it affects my health.

Breakfast is basically about 5 yuan.

It’s also easy to eat at noon.

The basic cover meal is about 10 yuan.

It’ll be better to eat at night.

If you’re with friends, it’s basically a string.

Although it’s basically made of AA, it often costs hundreds of yuan.

I don’t pay much attention to living.

They are basically youth hostels.

I slept in the open air last summer vacation without a tent.

Wheel Qing is 32 years old.

There are old accountants and small accountants.

In addition, I am an accountant, so I have been saving riding.

Now I have become the accountant of our team, ha ha.

For long-distance cycling, the most expensive thing is to eat and live.

If we eat, we basically eat together.

One person orders one dish and one fight is a big meal.

Moreover, it doesn’t cost much for everyone to share it equally.

If you live between two people, the room rate is about one or two hundred yuan a day.

Others, such as gloves and headscarves, are also very expensive inadvertently.

Therefore, the equipment must be cherished.

I have seen many friends throw away their headscarves and gloves after a long-distance ride.

It’s too wasteful.

Xiaofei, a 25-year-old mechanic, talked about saving money by long-distance riding.

I don’t think I can save money.

The average daily cost is about 200.

Choose a very ordinary hotel, but the accommodation fee is basically more than 100, which is even more expensive in big cities.

Please forgive me.

I don’t like staying in youth hostels.

Although I don’t pay much attention to food, I have to pay at least thirty or forty yuan a day.

I usually like to drink and scream when riding.

Sometimes it’s hot, and it’s common to have two or three bottles a day.

I think my spending level should be more expensive…