Riding is actually only three words, on the road!

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Thank you for your support! The road is constantly extending, the wheels are spinning and grinding, the city is hazy in the distance, and the trees nearby flash by.

I packed light and rode on the road with my fellow riders.

It’s early spring and March.

It’s warm and cold, and the wind keeps blowing.

I used to envy the people riding on the road.

Although I couldn’t see their tightly shielded faces, I only saw their figures passing by, but their valiant posture was a scenery on the road.

I was deeply attracted and integrated into it.

What kind of people are these? I feel them when I travel again and again, and I know them when I ride again and again.

This is a group of people who love life and have a strong will: This is a group of people with infinite love and noble morality; this is a group of people who selflessly contribute to health and happiness.

On the road, the distance between people is shortened, and each other enjoys the joy of riding! On the road, the strangeness between people is gone, and they all pay love to each other! On the road, the alert between people is gone, and they exchange true feelings with each other! In today’s busy society, true feelings are priceless.

When I choose cycling, I choose happiness and health: I like cycling, I like cycling on the road and enjoy the scenery on the road: I love it While we are still young, take more steps and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Don’t rush to reach the destination and miss the warm people and things in fleeting years; While we are still young, do whatever we want…

The fun of travel is inversely proportional to the speed of the means of transportation Our means of transportation are far less rapid than others; However, the sweat we pay is far more turbulent than others; The scenery we see is far more natural than others; The smiling faces we see are far brighter than others.

We eat far less than others.

When we turn around on a table, there are only sporadic vegetable leaves and soup left on the plate.

We walked far and were not as comfortable as others.

When we were defeated on a long slope, someone called you to refuel and pushed the car slowly with you.

It’s those who face you, grab meat with you, and push carts with you that make your life no longer monotonous and lonely.

One kind of travel is called bicycle travel.

It has no luxury preparation, but needs the courage to break into the back seat and a heart to go.

Even a permanent bicycle can make your dream go far.

Riding alone, lonely but introspective; A group of people ride, spectacular and powerful.

Riding a bicycle on the road, I experienced a baptism that my body went to hell, my eyes went to heaven, and my soul went back to my hometown.

I found a long lost touch in a strange place..