Riding is a sport worth a lifetime!

Cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly way of life and an upward attitude towards life.

More and more people joined in, set out with equipment and walked on the road.

There may be ups and downs ahead, as well as rainbows and crossroads.

What is more memorable is those unique experiences on the road.

A research department in the United States has confirmed that cycling is one of the best tools to overcome heart problems.

More than half of the world’s people die of heart disease.

Cycling can not only compress the blood flow through the exercise of the legs, but also strengthen the microvascular tissue, which is called collateral circulation.

Strengthened blood vessels are not threatened by age.

If the riding time is long, you should pay attention to changing the riding posture to prevent a certain point of your body from exerting force for a long time.

When riding a bicycle for the first time, don’t go too fast.

The time should not be too long.

Keep adapting and gradually strengthen.

The main topic today is what attitude we take and how to get along with our riders, how to position our riding tools and what attitude we take.

Speaking of getting along with fellow motorists, I think it’s very simple; Ride together, eat together (AA) ride when you have time, not when you have time; Take care of the weak before and after riding – the strong give in to the weak and eat frugally; It’s easier than making friends.

In practice, it is not so simple, such as “being competitive”.

It is not a bad thing for riders to be competitive.

They should be measured, orderly, and encourage and promote each other; Improve the riding ability of everyone; If it did, it wouldn’t be the case.

Some people (a small number) have gone from jealousy to resentment, and even “jishengyu” and “heshengliang” have come out, “laughing at people slowly and irritating people quickly”, which means their mentality is abnormal and their psychology is unhealthy; It’s better not to ride like this.

You can get sick by riding.

About riding tools: bicycles are indispensable.

There is no need to force the price and grade.

They can be determined according to their own conditions; Riding a good car doesn’t mean you are worth much.

You don’t have to feel inferior when riding an ordinary car.

As long as you can achieve the purpose of exercise, you will have good physical and mental health and pleasure.

In this respect, there are also psychological problems – compare with each other.

My car must surpass you, or I will be unbalanced; You have to have other configurations, whether applicable or not, regardless of your own conditions; My car is high-grade, so I look down on others; If the grade is lower than others, they will be jealous.

They have a typical abnormal mentality of “laughing at others’ ignorance and irritating others’.

The riding process is not as smooth as expected.

Of course, we will encounter pleasant scenery, but we may also encounter landslides, tsunamis, snowstorms, sandstorms, and experience some abnormal human life.

However, when everything passes, riding has a special meaning.

The reason why I like riding is that I can truly feel myself on the road.

Without the chatter of others around me, I can listen to my inner voice more quietly.

Most of the time, we all lose ourselves because the voice in our hearts is covered up by the noise of the city.

Although people are social animals, they also need a period of time alone to give themselves a chance to listen and reflect.

Riders share weal and woe and ride in the wind and rain.

The more they ride, the deeper their feelings should be.

How can they ride out hatred? When you have a healthy mind, your body will naturally be healthier and your ability will be enhanced.

Happiness and health will really come to you.

People should live in the way they like.

Starting from owning this bike, our life adds another content as a complement to my favorite self driving tours.

I don’t dare to rush to the mountains like those cyclists, and I don’t like chasing the excitement of competition.

I just want to live a leisure life, which is a bit like traveling.

I like the feeling of being on the road, riding freely, walking and stopping whenever I want.

I don’t care about the destination, but the scenery along the way and the mood of appreciating the scenery.

Walking on the road, whether you are walking lightly or trekking hard, whether you are in high spirits or old, watching the scenery along the way and experience will make us learn to appreciate, appreciate, be realistic and self-sustaining, and also learn to simplify and live safely.

Riding is happy and sad.

I have walked all the way, but left more warm and beautiful memories.

Jiegeliwa Xiaomo Henan Jieante club welcomes you to take the lead in low-carbon travel, healthy cycling and leisurely riding..