Riding is a magical medicine that cured my

!        Riding is a magical medicine, It has different effects on different people.

It cured my obesity and improved my blood pressure.

It cured my diabetes and helped insulin secretion.

It cured my insomnia and made my life more regular.

It cured my stomach and appetite and improved it.

It healed my bed.

Because getting up early riding is more enjoyable than sleeping late.

It cured my online shopping hoarding disease.

Before paying for it, I would go back after riding and buy it empty.

It cured my decadence and gave me vitality.

It cured my slovenness.

I think riding is a panacea scattered in the world.

It cured my emotional injury.

It can evaporate the water in your body and make you cry less easily.

It cured my cowardice and made me more brave and strong.

It cured my hesitation and made me no longer afraid of failure.

When I have an idea, I will form it immediately The habit of implementation has cured my sadness.

Since the beginning of cycling, the whole person is open-minded.

It can’t cure me.

Anyway, cycling is happy.

The most important thing is that cycling has cured my singleness.

So, what has cycling cured you?..