Riding Independent Camp | Perseverance! Freedom! grow up! To ride the wind and waves and feel the power of riding! (September 24 and 25)

Feel with heart the power of cycling Today, let’s ignite this autumn time to explore and enjoy our exclusive outdoor journey! With the help of wheels, we will constantly expand our territory.

Freedom, unknown, expectation, surprise…

We will experience flat roads, gentle slopes, downhills, and riding.

We will accept the test of willpower, and the test of comprehensive adaptability on the spot.

We focus on the progress and distance, encourage and support each other, and welcome the warm sunshine to the end! Ride! In this pure way, we can regain the focus of doing one thing with all our strength, and look at the world in a new perspective.

Be sincere, go against the wind and never give up! Come on~Great riding challenge! COMEON~– Hailuo Weekend Cycling Challenge Independent Camp 01 Outdoor Cycling Challenge Camp — Highlights ① Learn about professional cycling.

Cycling is not just about “riding”.

Tools, posture and equipment related to cycling are all our learning areas.

Professional coaches teach correct cycling skills and master scientific cycling knowledge.

② It is a process that requires patience and persistence to cultivate character and temper will.

It needs sweat.

In the face of difficulties, we have to go through each hurdle and keep moving towards a clear goal.

What we show is the children’s willpower, sense of responsibility and perseverance.

③ Release pressure, get close to nature, and accumulate energy.

Enjoy the beauty of autumn on the cycling track in early autumn.

Throw away troubles, release nature, accumulate power in sports, and absorb nutrients for growth.

▼△ Use your distance to ride the wind and waves, and realize perseverance! A bicycle, with courage and a warm heart, ride on the road and feel the freedom and yearning like the wind.

01 Riding rules and skills learning (subject to the cycling on site): “The horses are well saddled”.

We have selected professional cycling and professional coaches to guide the children throughout the whole process, teaching them to learn to ride correctly, the basic postures and movements of cycling, and the rational use of brakes and speed changers.

Before departure, with the help of teachers, all protective equipment and helmets should be put on.

The campers should help each other and check to ensure safety.

02 Riding through the wind and waves and riding challenges How can children understand the fun of riding? The best way is always to practice without worrying about being too tired because the beautiful scenery will make children’s riding lively and interesting.

Riding is an environmentally friendly and healthy exercise method, which can not only improve the cardiopulmonary respiratory function, but also use the hands, wrists, feet, etc.

to improve the coordination of the body and enhance the overall endurance, It is important to improve the agility of the nervous system.

Riding will not be a smooth road.

You must clench your teeth when going uphill.

You must be firm in your belief.

When going downhill, you must be more alert and careful.

You must firmly believe that our destination is the sun in front of you.

The sense of unknown inspires children’s desire to explore all the way forward and unlock the beauty of autumn.

The control of bicycles is also slowly adapted from unfamiliar to familiar, becoming friends who fight side by side to put aside their troubles, In the comfortable sunshine, savor the strength of perseverance 03 Break through yourself until the end point is in the cycling environment, and cultivate children’s sense of rules: the cycling team is a collective, and must not be “independent”, otherwise it will greatly increase the risk of their own cycling.

Only when everyone in the team follows the guidelines, can we realize the fun of team cycling and the strength of the team.

We encouraged each other along the way.

With the company of our partners, we have the courage to persevere.

Each member has the responsibility to help the team complete the challenge together! In the challenge of cycling, improve the endurance of sports muscles and break through yourself! In the “double reduction” policy, children are required to exercise for at least one hour every day! Cycling is definitely a good choice.

We use the weekend time to improve children’s physical fitness on the one hand, and cultivate their perseverance on the other.

During the ride, we found the children’s strong potential, accompanied them through the whole ride, and deeply felt that each child’s energy was beyond imagination.

Although you are tired, sweating and tired, you should stick to it.

In the challenge of riding, improve the ability of comprehensive response on the spot.

In case of falling down, sweating easily after holding the faucet for a long time, thirsty for a long time, and unable to keep up with the cycling team when going uphill and downhill during the journey, we will encounter some unexpected difficulties at any time and anywhere, which require the children’s strong psychological quality and adaptability to cope independently, or rely on their own wisdom, or turn to their partners or teachers.

There is always a way to solve the current difficulties.

Along the way, we felt all kinds of smells: the fresh smell of air, the fragrance of flowers and plants, the fragrance of soil…

The breeze passed through our cheeks, sweat dripped on the earth, and people and nature were integrated together.

At this time, we could feel the pleasure and freedom of riding, and understand the real charm of riding.

The final destination is reached.

02 Outdoor cycling challenge camp – detailed itinerary ※ 08.30-09.30 The campers gathered on time to drive to the cycling base ※ 09.30-10.00 Ice breaking groups to break barriers ※ 10.00-11.00 Learn about the cycling route, shunting, seat cushion height, and riding equipment wearing exercises in advance ※ 11.00-12.00 Lunch, supplement energy ※ 12.00-13.00 Rest, warm up before departure, and prevent injuries during the exercise ※ 13.00-15.30 Cycling challenge, Pursue the goal ahead with all the yearnings and expectations in your heart.

Cheer each other along the way, feel the beautiful scenery passing by every inch, and firmly believe that every step of life is a challenge, and we need to face it bravely.

※ 15.30-16.00 Complete the relaxation exercise after the riding challenge to relieve fatigue and limb distension, such as stretching and massage..