[riding in Yangzhou, June 25 forecast] riding Zhang Ji wonton in the morning, another famous brand in Yangzhou wonton industry

Zhang Ji wonton Zhang Ji wonton, Eating is a feeling “Bang bang, selling wonton.

In my childhood memory, my grandfather shouted in the streets with a shoulder pole.

On one end of the shoulder pole were firewood, stoves, wonton skins, bowls and various ingredients.

At that time, eating a bowl of wonton required 12 copper plates.

Many young ladies of large families would often eat a bowl, while children of ordinary families could only eat it once.

More than 100 years ago, my grandparents migrated all the way from Hexian County, Anhui Province, and finally Settle down in Fanchuan and earn a living by making wonton skin.

At first, my grandfather carried a burden to sell wonton in the streets of Fanchuan every day.

In 1940, my father opened a small Yinyuan Dumpling Noodle Shop in the town.

In 1993, I opened a Zhang Ji wonton shop.

” The century old Fanchuan Zhangji wonton bears the common memory of several generations.

The handmade wonton skin as thin as a cicada’s wing and the selected pork hind leg meat have impressed the memory of the constant delicacy on the hearts of many diners.

Eating a bowl of Zhang Ji wonton in Fanchuan is not only a habit, but also a feeling! In 2018 and 2019, the association specially went to Fanchuan Town, Jiangdu, to taste the local special snack Zhang Ji wonton.

The boss also specially hung a group photo with us in the store.

Since the year before last, Zhang Ji has opened a new store in Jiangdu City.

He has always wanted to try it again.

Now it is not suitable to travel far in the high temperature in summer.

We exercise properly and ride Jiangdu in the morning.

It is just time to visit Zhang Ji’s wonton activity time, place, registration method and cost.

Motorists who have been to other provinces and cities in the past week declined to participate in the activity, Or provide the nucleic acid test report within 48 hours.

Activity time: 6:30 a.m.

on June 25, 2022 (Saturday).

Gathering place: downstairs of Guandi, Gaoqiao Road (i.e.

the old wheat flour factory, opposite to the grand five Jubilee Hotel).

Riding mileage: 30km.

Suitable for people: for the general public, low intensity.

Activity route: Guandi – Jiangdu – turn back activity fee: breakfast fee self-care registration link The activity discussion group [registration method] should be connected in the small program released later.

The small program will be published in the wechat group of the Association [how to join the wechat group].

Please add the chairman Wang Yang wechat: 13665252170.

The requirements for bicycles and equipment to bring you into the group can be road bikes, mountain bikes, recreational bikes and other bicycles, but it is not recommended to use ordinary vegetable carts.

The necessary equipment: helmet, front lamp, rear lamp, spare tire, drinking water, mobile phone: cycling suit, portable air cylinder, crowbar, sports glasses, magic headband.

Those who do not wear helmets are not allowed to participate in the event.

Those who do not wear helmets are not allowed to participate in the event.

Those who do not wear helmets are not allowed to participate in the event.

Please contact the president to solve the event precautions.


This event is non-profit and advertising, Participants participated voluntarily.


In principle, the participants in the activity must be persons with full capacity.

Teenagers with no capacity or with limited capacity must participate in the activity with the consent of their guardians.

If the riders deliberately conceal their true age, they shall bear the legal responsibility.


For the happiness of you and your family, please do not ride after drinking; Drunken riding is strictly prohibited.

The event organizer has the right to dissuade and refuse the participants from participating in the event if they find that they are drunk riding.

If they persist in riding, it is a personal act, and the event organizer will no longer bear any legal responsibility for them after fulfilling the obligation of reminding and dissuading.

For personal injury and property loss caused by drinking, the leading drinker shall bear the main responsibility, and the drinkers participating in the drinking shall bear the responsibility jointly.


The participants of the event shall ensure that the vehicles they use are from legitimate sources.

They are not allowed to buy or use stolen and robbed vehicles.

If the vehicles they use are found to be stolen and robbed, the legal liabilities incurred have nothing to do with the event organizer.


Before participating in the activity, you must check the condition of the vehicle you are using.

If you find any potential safety hazards such as brake failure, please repair them in time.

There are many opportunities to ride, and you only have one life! Please do not let your car go on the road with hidden dangers.


No dead flying vehicle is allowed to participate in this activity.


During the activity, please abide by the traffic regulations and drive to the right as far as possible.

It is strictly forbidden to run through the red light or drive on the motorway.

All legal liabilities caused by violating the traffic regulations shall be borne by the violator.


For your personal safety, all participants must wear helmets and ensure that the helmets they use meet the safety standards.

Try to wear riding clothes to participate in the activities.

If they do not wear riding pants but other pants, ensure that the right leg trouser legs are fastened.

It is strictly prohibited to take off the helmets during driving.

Violators are not allowed to participate in the activities.


Please keep the distance and formation during driving to prevent accidental injury due to insufficient braking.


During night riding, please bring your lights or reflective strips as much as possible to prevent accidents.


If there are epilepsy, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other patients, please timely register your medical history with the event organizer in advance, and try to avoid participating in too intense events, so that the organizer can provide you with necessary help in time when you have sudden diseases.


If any riders have an accident, as participants of the event, we are obliged to provide them with necessary help in time within our ability, such as calling 110 for alarm, calling 120 for medical emergency, providing drinking water for heatstroke riders, etc; However, do not blindly take rescue measures without professional knowledge to prevent unnecessary damage to others’ bodies.

If the personal injury is enlarged due to irresponsibility, ignorance or blind medical treatment to fellow riders, the corresponding legal liability shall be borne.


Riders should try their best to insure themselves against personal accident insurance, so as to minimize personal risk in case of an accident..