Riding in the Yucai mountain field, the “Four Seas” ten-year regiment celebrates Li gehuan

The song “I haven’t seen you for a long time, I’ve seen you for a long time, and I still miss you for a long time” sings the enthusiasm of Li compatriots.

Li people are known as “warm and hospitable”, especially the Yucai people who grow up in the “back garden of Sanya”.

The door of Yucai is always open, but the continuous green mountains and green water block the way, With the smooth construction of Yucai Avenue, “high mountains and long roads” is no longer synonymous with Yucai.

Under the strong recommendation of relevant personnel, Yucai has become the destination of the “one family from all over the world” Cycling Group.

The so-called “one family from all over the world” has gathered friends from all over the world to Yucai.

2 travel around the “cycling Avenue” of Yucai.

At 8 a.m.

on November 13, the “one family from all over the world” Cycling Group started from Yuechuan bridge, Sanya City.

The destination is to reach the Yaliang village committee of Yucai and carry out the group celebration activities for the 10th anniversary of “one family from all over the world”.

Members of the “one family from all over the world” Cycling Group said that Yucai has natural environmental advantages, high vegetation coverage, pleasant climate, convenient transportation and ethnic minority characteristics, and has excellent conditions for developing mountain sports and sightseeing tourism.

With the strong support of our district, “one family from all over the world” cycling regiment will develop four cycling routes in Yucai, The planned routes are: ① Yucai Ecological Zone Management Committee – Majiao village – wensuo village – Nabing village – nashou village – Management Committee ② Yucai – Guanyin Mountain – fujianling – Yunmeng Mountain – Tianya Lake – Yucai ③ huolongguo base ring line in Majiao village, Yucai ecological zone ④ Yucai – Yaliang village – Qingfa village – Yucai 3 “one family from all over the world” gathered in Yaliang Qing regiment to build “one family from all over the world” It has been 10 years since the establishment of cycling club in 2011.

“One family all over the world” means that motorists from all over the country gather in Sanya and feel like one family.

In the afternoon of the same day, “one family from all over the world” held a group celebration at Yaliang village committee as scheduled.

The activities were rich, including parent-child games, bonfire party, bamboo pole dance performance and Li song singing.

Everyone actively participated.

The members of “one family from all over the world” gathered together with the villagers of Yaliang village, which perfectly explained “it’s fun to have friends from afar”.

4 sharing delicious food and bamboo pole dancing Li gehuan’s “one family from all over the world” said that under the organization and arrangement of relevant staff in our district, a visual and taste feast opened in Yaliang village committee.

The villagers’ women in Yaliang village put on Li’s characteristic clothes, exquisite hair accessories and open their loud voice to perform bamboo pole dance and Li’s songs for everyone.

The songs linger over the night of Yaliang village, and the stars and moonlight illuminate the Yucai mountain.

That night, only delicious food can live up to.

Everyone ate roast pigs, roast chicken and kebabs made by Li family, as well as fruits and vegetables for ecological talent cultivation.

How fast! Contributed by: Dong Xinteng edited by: Gao Tongwen..