Riding in Sichuan and Tibet series: west exit and folding (7)

Photo source / I and my teammates took a picture of Day5 zhedotang – Xinduqiao, 57km away.

After a night of deep sleep, I woke up vaguely in pain.

Fortunately, I didn’t have high reflexes or colds.

It was six o’clock when I looked at my mobile phone.

After I missed the bonfire party last night, I missed the best time to see the golden mountain in Rizhao.

I hurriedly wrapped up my coat and hurried to the viewing platform in front of the CYTS.

I met two riders who had already returned from the viewing.

I asked anxiously, “can you still see the snow mountains and the sunrise?” They pointed to the direction of the snow mountain in front and said, “hurry up.

Now it’s estimated that you can still see some sharp peaks.

It’s early to see the sunrise.

We got up at five o’clock.” I continued to walk along the stone path in Rizhao Jinshan.

At this time, the sun had risen.

Half of the mountains behind the hillside had been golden against the sun.

When I arrived at the observation deck, I saw that the snow mountain in the distance hid shyly in the clouds, revealing only a small part, solemnly braved the cold air, and looked very holy in the sunshine.

The dawn of snow mountain is a completely different presentation from the twilight.

The morning light is vigorous, energetic, enthusiastic, full of hope and strength, different from the deep and steady in the twilight.

It was a cold morning in the mountains, and I could not help shivering in my thick stormsuit.

In July, I met such a magnificent scene on the plateau.

Although I didn’t see the whole picture, it was enough shock and amazement for me.

I have always lived in the plains and hills.

I have been accompanied by mountains since childhood, but this mountain is not another mountain.

The mountains in Jiangnan are beautiful and gentle.

It seems that they can be told to you clearly all the year round.

The mountains on the plateau are mysterious, sometimes calm and firm, sometimes energetic and enthusiastic.

It seems that there are only snow mountains and meadows stretching for thousands of miles, but it can give people infinite reverie.

I watched it silently for a long time, and then came back reluctantly until all the clouds covered the snow mountains.

On the way back from the stone path from the CYTS to the observation deck, I noticed the path just passed by and the surrounding scene.

A winding path extends from the CYTS.

In the corner of the wall filled with bricks and stones on both sides, flowers in full bloom are sticking out their heads to bask in the sun.

Yaks on the meadow are eating grass at leisure.

Next to them is a stream flowing through the hillside, which is like a golden ribbon under the sun.

This small town on the plateau, as if everything was so pure, brilliant and warm, left a deep impression in my heart.

When I returned to CYTS, my teammates had not got up yet.

Because there were many people and few rooms last night, they all slept on the sofa in the living room of CYTS.

Later, Dachuan complained that he didn’t have a good rest at night.

He said that it was heavy and cold with several layers of quilts covered.

Everyone still robbed each other of quilts at night.

I apologize to brother Zhen who was robbed of the room by me.

When Dameng had a cup of noodles and I was ready to go downstairs for breakfast, a large number of riders had already set out.

Some other riders pushed their bikes to a van parked on the side of the road.

I saw a Tibetan guy busy in the van.

Later, I learned that he was Zhaxi, the innkeeper of the 57 League Xinduqiao station.

He is about 1.7 meters tall, wearing a short brown jacket and jeans, and his body is disheveled.

With brown and rough skin, fluffy black hair, orderly scattered facial features, a naive smile and overwhelming enthusiasm, he spoke barely understandable Mandarin.

The first time he greeted him, he kindly called my sister.

After helping the riders pack up, he took out several boxes of drinks to distribute.

It is a very cheap fruit and vegetable drink, which looks exactly like Lehu.

After communicating with my teammates, I also planned to consign part of my pack to Zhaxi, and booked a single room with him.

For breakfast in zhedotang Town, I ate a large pot of noodles.

I saw that the noodles were still rolling in the pot, and my stomach began to roll.

I didn’t have any appetite at all, but maybe it was because I ate too little last night.

My body sent a signal that I needed to replenish energy.

I tried to make myself eat a little more and finally swallowed a big bowl.

The zhedo mountain to be climbed today is the first mountain over 4000 meters on the Sichuan Tibet line.

After yesterday’s training, I have some psychological preparation to meet today’s challenges, but I am most afraid of Gao fan.

Qinglv is 20 kilometers away from the pass.

It is all uphill.

The altitude has also risen from 3300 meters to 4298 meters.

I’m in good condition after the energy supplement, and the symptoms of abdominal pain have basically disappeared.

I walked slowly all the way, constantly surpassing the cart party in front, but as the altitude slowly increased, my breathing began to become rapid, and I could only walk for a while.

All the way there was this kind of mountain road.

I saw many riders leave messages on the roadside guardrails, just like browsing a large-scale riding post bar.

It was very interesting.

A cyclist left a message that “if you are lovelorn, come and climb the folding mountains! It is very cruel and cool, and the treatment effect is excellent.” naobu, a lovelorn and sad little brother, decided to set foot on the Sichuan Tibet line, and wrote this sentence with a clear mind after all this.

Others are roast, who can be seen everywhere: “it’s only seven kilometers away.

Come on.” you don’t have to look at how far away it is from the pass.

People keep reminding you along the way.

“Climb the slope until you have no strength to doubt life”, “even if you push it, you have to finish it”, etc.

Some messages also include time.

After a look, two riders who are several months away from each other are actually talking in the space.

The former rider wrote “Damn, Gao fan!”, “Old tie, me too!” followed by fellow riders The Sichuan Tibet message board runs through the whole Sichuan Tibet line.

It is also an indispensable part of Sichuan Tibet culture on each guardrail, boundary Monument and pass signboard.

A sightseeing platform encountered shortly after departure (unfortunately, the graffiti on the road was not photographed).

About half the way there is a post station.

The post station mainly provides food and oxygen for tourists.

The food is mainly some expensive local specialties, such as yak meat and yak milk..