Riding in Pingnan | Come to Shoushan Mountain in Pingnan, take a hike on the Tea Salt Ancient Road, and ride to find the autumn scenery of

According to the ancient records, “Pingyi is located in a remote corner of Gutian, which is not accessible to merchants.

There are many mountains and precipitous mountains, and most of them are bird’s path”.

It is this “bird’s path” that has shouldered the important task of exchanging what Pingnan needs with the outside world for thousands of years.

The Tea Salt Ancient Road in Shoushan Township, Pingnan County has been an important trade channel from the east coast of Fujian to the inland of the Central Plains since ancient times.

It originates from the “tea salt exchange” between Pingnan and Ningde.

Pingnan has overlapping mountains, narrow rivers and narrow boats, but the quality of tea is excellent.

The coast of Ningde is rich in salt, and Shoushan Township has the geographical advantage of being adjacent to Ningde.

Therefore, through mountain sea cooperation, tea is the bulk of the mountain area, and people can go to the coast to exchange salt, shrimp, crabs and other seafood needed by the mountain people.

Therefore, Shoushan Township gets its name “Tea Salt Ancient Road”.

The porters of the ancient road cross the mountains and mountains, pick up agricultural products such as Pingnan tea, Hubing porcelain and Hongothers along the ancient road to Juzhou Jinzhongdu, and ship (row) them from Huotongxi River to Sanduao Wharf for export overseas.

The ancient tea salt road is prosperous because of them.

The Tea Salt Ancient Road is not only an important trade channel, but also the first red main road to carry out revolutionary activities and revolutionary wars in Pingnan.

Shoushan Township is the first place in Pingnan to carry out revolutionary activities and establish a party organization.

The traffic line with the ancient tea and salt road as the trunk line connects dozens of villages such as Shoushan, Dongpan, and Jianglong.

In December 1935, the second team of the Mindong Independent Division of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army transported medical equipment and medicines from Pingnan and passed through the Qiange Pass, when it was ambushed by a company of the Fifth Security Regiment of Fujian Province under the Kuomintang regime.

The Red Army fought back and fought in melee until the evening.

The Kuomintang army retreated.

The Red Army kept medical equipment and medicines.

The people in Shoushan built the Fengcha Pavilion (also known as Ji Hong Pavilion) to commemorate the battle.

An old stone archway stands beside the Fengcha Pavilion, interpreting the traditional Chinese culture of filial piety along the millennium old road.

The villages in the mountain nests are important nodes on the Tea Salt Ancient Road.

They are densely built and well arranged, basically maintaining the appearance of the ancient villages of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

There are many ancient residents.

The volcanic movement hundreds of millions of years ago has formed the unique landform of the Tea Salt Ancient Road Scenic Area.

The scenic area has beautiful mountains and many rocks, such as “Hercules Cup”, Jigongzhai, Tianzhu Stone, etc.

The natural stone pillar of the “Hercules Cup”, formerly called Mushroom Rock, has become a popular online card punching place because it resembles the “Hercules Cup”.

In the Gongji Stronghold, a few huge stones list the peaks, which looks like a towering cock’s head in the distance.

The Tianzhu Stone, rising from the hillside, seems to be soaring into the sky, which is spectacular.

Now, the ancient tea salt road has been relieved of its historical responsibility, and people also commemorate it in another way.

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Chen) Years of luxury and civilization have been accumulated.

Although the ancient road is incomplete and the Changting Pavilion is decayed, the footprints of ancestors and historical culture left on the ancient road are waiting for the world to explore and inherit…

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