Riding in Lintong Butterfly Valley and Muke Village

Muzhai Street, Lintong District, Xi’an City, which is located in the hinterland of Lishan Mountain, has launched many rural tourism projects in recent years to develop tourism resources, such as Mukezhai Training Ground, poplar forest, Dragon Subduing Wood, Millennium Saponin Tree, Thousand mu Reed Pond, Danxia landform and Butterfly Valley, creating a good riding route for Xi’an’s riding enthusiasts.

Riding here is not only beautiful, but also suitable for climbing on rugged mountain roads.

Yan Liang’s cyclists also often go to Muzhai Street to ride, and have visited many landscapes such as poplar forests and reed marshes.

Because of the recent epidemic, many places can not go cycling.

Therefore, it is considered to visit the Butterfly Valley of Muzhai Street, which was developed in 2018.

In order to avoid going back, it is planned to take a circular cycling route from Tuqiao Township to Muzhai Village.

Starting from Yanliang District, Xi’an City, go straight along Yingbin Road to Xinfeng Town, Lintong District for 26 kilometers.

From Qingshan Road in Xinfeng Town to the east, cross G108 National Highway, and then go up the slope along “Lifeng 11th Road” to Lixing Road, and then turn from “Lifeng 1st Road” to Daiwang Village, Daiwang Street.

Starting from Daiwang Village along the “Dairen Road” X204 to the south, we gradually entered the mountain area.

After passing Lihe Village, there was no place for food and supplies along the way.

Yuchuan Reservoir Dam.

There is a Taoist temple “Seven Star Hall” on the high platform at the roadside of Gaoxing Village beside the X204 County Road.

There is a tablet head beside the temple, and the characters on it can’t be seen clearly.

It looks like an old tablet.

Overlook the Yuchuan Reservoir Dam and the urban area under the mountain from the X204 observation platform.

After climbing for 9 kilometers, you can reach Renzong Street after passing Yuchuan Village, which is the former “Tuqiao Township”.

There are food, drink and supplies on the street.

The downhill mode started from Renzong Street.

After going down the slope for about 3.5 kilometers, you will reach Jiangpo Bridge near Jiangpo Village.

Under the bridge is the River of Playing Water.

After crossing the bridge, you will start a climbing mode again.

Climb the slope for 2km and pass Jiangpo Village to Dazlin Village.

From Cilin Village, another section of downhill starts along the eastern township road “Luozi Road” Y356.

After 2km downhill, you can reach the “Zhougou Bridge” near Zhougou Village.

The bridge is also a continuous long uphill section.

Three kilometers up the slope, there is a fork in the road.

Turn left and enter Zhougou Village, which is also one of the main scenic spots of Butterfly Valley.

All the houses in the village have been decorated with new paint, just like a new rural scene of rural tourism.

There is a small ancestral temple in the southwest corner of the village, which is dedicated to a huge black stone, which seems to be a meteorite.

Leave the village and continue to climb along the township road Y356.

From the winding mountain road, you can overlook the whole Zhougou Village, like a painting in the deep mountains.

After climbing 1.7km from the village entrance, there is a flat land beside the road, on which a platform is built, on which stands a landscape stone with the word “Butterfly Valley”.

From the platform, you can overlook the valleys on both sides.

This should be the legendary Butterfly Valley.

Unfortunately, I didn’t meet a butterfly today.

Continue climbing to Shiling, which is still a little steep.

Slowly go up the Shiling Mountain to the county road X203.

At the intersection, turn south to Xiyue Village, and turn north to Dongyue Village.

Wooden painting of Mu Guiying’s horse galloping broadsword at the intersection.

Ride towards Dongyue Village.

Counting from Zhougou Bridge, the highest point is reached after climbing for about 9 kilometers to Dongyue Village.

It seems that there is only one restaurant in Dongyue Village.

After having some food in Dongyue Village, continue to ride northward along Dongmen Road X203, turn left at the intersection of Wangwan Village, go up a small slope, and then start the continuous downhill mode.

Crossing sign of Wangwan Village.

On the way down the slope, we passed a “women’s farm”.

After driving about 2.9 kilometers from the intersection of Wangwan Village to the fork of “Munan Road”, there is a scenic spot sign at the intersection, indicating that the scenic spot of “Dragon Subduing Wood” is 100 meters away from here, so you can go there by bike.

It is said that Dragon Subduing Wood is a unique tree in Lishan Mountain.

It is tough and hard to break.

It is the best material for making weapons in ancient times.

It is said that Mu Guiying broke the Tianmen Array of Liao Army by using Dragon Subduing Wood in those years.

The several “Dragon Subduing Trees” here are all tied with red silk ropes for praying, but according to the nameplate on the tree, it should be just the national locust tree.

Continue along the “Munan Road” to the Shitoupo Formation of Muzhai Village.

There is an art form of “Heroes Sad for Beauty Pass” in the village.

Huge Double Happiness stands beside the road, as if telling people the love story of Yang Zongbao and Mu Guiying.

The artistic modeling of “meeting Mu Guiying” in Shitoupo Village.

From Shitoupo Village, continue to ride along the “Beiluo Road” of the main road down the north slope for about 700 meters, and you can see an ancient city building under the small hill in front, which is the “Muke Village Training Ground”.

It is said that during the reign of Emperor Zhenzong in the Northern Song Dynasty, the heroine Mu Guiying once performed and practiced martial arts here, breaking the Liaojun Tianmen Formation led by Empress Dowager Xiao of the Liao State.

Follow the steps beside the gate tower to the top of the tower and overlook the valley.

Along the steps, you can reach the “training ground” on the top of the mountain.

Look down the mountain from the top of the steps.

There is an open area on the top of the mountain.

At present, a wall is being built.

A section of rammed earth wall on the opposite side is said to be the castle site of the training ground.

Go down the slope from the Muke Village Training Ground along Beiluo Road and turn left to enter Muzhai Village.

From the roadside, you can overlook the Danxia landform in Mukezhai Valley and Muzhai reed marsh, but now is not the best season to watch reeds.

Passing by Tianmiao Village, it is said that the “Millennium Saponin Tree” was planted by Mu Tianwang, a green man, on his daughter Mu Guiying’s 9th birthday.

The profile of Muzhai Village and the portrait of Mu Guiying beside the road.

Continue downhill along the cement road from Muzhai Village.

From the mountain road near Mayan Village, you can see the “Pangyan Reservoir” below, which is a reservoir at the lower reaches of Xihe River, also known as “Xihe Reservoir”..