“Riding in China” rain or shine, happy riding the next day!

Seeing more mountains, rivers, lakes and seas on the plains, I want to see the scenery on the plateau more and more.

Tibet is a place that countless people yearn for.

There are towering snow mountains, jade belt like lakes, bright stars and unknown surprises So, let’s start now ~ the world is so big, let’s go to Lhasa together! “Let’s go to Lhasa” is the first stop of the large-scale immersive financial media live broadcast of “riding in China” jointly planned by Shandong TV culture and tourism channel, lightning news and Jinan Avenue heavy machinery club.

However, the journey to Tibet is not all about poetry and distance, but more about hardships and tribulations.

It’s not always sunny on the way to the motorcycle.

It’s normal to play the role of “drowned chicken”…

Yesterday afternoon, when the motorcade moved to Heze, the sky suddenly covered with dark clouds.

Soon the storm began.

The riders refueled, repaired, put on rainproof riding clothes, and continued the journey regardless of rain or wind! Today is the second day of “riding in China”: Kaifeng – Xi’an bid farewell to yesterday’s heavy rain and ushered in today’s bright sunshine.

Today, the riders will ride 580 kilometers.

In order to make more progress in the morning when the weather is cool, at 7:30 a.m.

on June 14, the riders checked the locomotive, the forerunner checked the navigation camera and set up the machine.

The host was in place.

The live broadcast team of “riding in China” set out the next day! Driving on Zhengkai Avenue in Henan Province, I feel very much like Jinan Jingshi Road, which is characterized by one word – it is an urban expressway connecting Zhengzhou and Kaifeng in Henan Province, with a total length of nearly 40 kilometers.

It can go straight with Jingshi Road PK in Jinan.

When I was excited about the yellow River, I forgot to take a picture of the mother river in Henan flowing in front of me ~ flowing ~ noon, Here are some new partners, including the driver of the support vehicle and several other heavy locomotives of Jinan Avenue heavy machinery club.

Five other riders will ride their beloved locomotives with us from Chengdu to Lhasa! After lunch, the energetic little friend rushed to kangmillion manor, which is known as “the three largest manors in China”.

Kangmillion manor, with its back to Mang Mountain and facing Luoshui, is called “the three largest manors in China” together with Liu manor and Mou manor, and is known as the spiritual home of Henan merchants and the model of ancient architecture in the Central Plains.

After leaving kangmillion manor, we continued our journey, passing through Sanmenxia, the “Swan City”, the beautiful town of Tongguan ancient city, and arrived at the millennium old city of Xi’an in the evening.

Majestic Terra Cotta Warriors, ancient wild goose pagoda…

Xi’an, one of the world’s four ancient capitals, is not only a tourist attraction, but also a food paradise.

Thanks to the strong support of the China Television Tourism Alliance and the culture and tourism center of Guangdong Radio and television station, we can see the magnificent rivers and mountains of China in an all-round way and bring a new culture and tourism experience to netizens all over the country.

Tomorrow we will continue our journey from Xi’an, Shaanxi to Hanzhong, Shaanxi.

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