Riding in China · tent photo collection

In this weather, the warm water in the thermos cup the night before is frozen directly into an ice lump in the morning (above).

There is nothing more sad and urgent than taking a mud road to prick the tire on a rainy day (upper right).

Borrow the corridor at the door of the police station to set up a tent (above).

In the next night’s heavy snow, you have to clear the snow covered on the tent in the morning before you can come out from it.

On the upper left, you haven’t slept all night (above) Shacheng stormy weather culvert set up a tent, and the flying sand was everywhere (top left).

The tent was surrounded by sheep and three shepherds (top right).

The national highway on the left, the train on the right and the high-speed overhead slept the loudest night in my life (top right).

Supplementary notes: I cycled around China twice in 12 and 14 years, taking a total of 22 months and a riding distance of 45000 kilometers, Among them, the number of camping days is not less than 500 days, and most of them have not taken photos.

For example, tents were set up in cemeteries one or two times, and a considerable number of photos were lost due to memory card damage.

For example, most of the photos in Zhejiang, Hebei, Anhui, Jiangxi, Guizhou and Fujian provinces, and the photos with tents that can be found have been put into this article/ p> Photo sources include post bar, QQ space, Netease photo album, etc.

all of them have no original shooting data, so it is very troublesome to sort them out.

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