Riding Holiday | Publicity of winning results

The cycling holiday activity officially ended! Thank you for your active participation and sharing with us the wonderful memories of the two rounds of riding during the National Day~(Click to review the activity tweets) After comprehensive consideration of the four dimensions of contributions, picture quality, shooting angle and theme fit, the final contributions to the two activity channels are as follows: My riding holiday @ Katie Tang: The holiday is coming to an end, Get on your favorite motorcycle and have a cup of coffee @ Dave: Go on a holiday and punch in.

I’ll punch in with Bosch.

@ Overnight: Go on a trip on November, and we still have a good understanding with our family.

Congratulations to the above award-winning users.

Please write a private letter at the backstage about the gift mailing address+the recipient’s name and phone number.

Don’t be discouraged if you miss this activity or don’t win two rounds of prizes.

More wonderful activities and benefits will be released from time to time.

Maybe you will be the next lucky person.

The previous highlights: “Riding Holiday” submission activity went online as scheduled, and the National Day holiday will win prizes by clocking in! In the name of knight, pursue more outstanding two rounds of innovation! Riding a motorcycle with front and rear radars, it was this feeling..