Riding has advantages and disadvantages, healthy riding must talk about shame!

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In Chinese traditional culture, private things will not be discussed in front of the public.

They would rather suffer secretly than talk about it.

However, some things must be said, such as how to protect your privacy during riding.

The modeling design of the bicycle makes the body drop most of its weight on the seat.

Riding for a long time will more or less oppress the perineum, resulting in poor local blood circulation, and then cause erectile dysfunction in men, which will also hurt women in varying degrees.

Male discomfort symptoms the prostate is the largest accessory gland in male organs.

The prostate is located at the lower back of the bladder, just at the bottom of the human pelvic cavity, near the perineum.

If you don’t pay attention to riding a bicycle properly, you may feel vaginal swelling, anal distension, defecation, penile numbness, or urgent urination, frequent urination, testicular discomfort, etc.

Female discomfort symptoms some women ride bicycles to and from work for a long time or ride long distances.

Their body weight will be too concentrated on the seat.

Through the front end of the narrow seat, they react on the perineum, oppress the upper segment of the urethra and the external sphincter, resulting in congestion of the urinary system, poor urination, frequent urination, urgency, or inflammation such as congestion and swelling of the perineum.

Causes of perineum discomfort 1.

Riding posture: in the early stage of riding, the standard riding posture was not formed, the treading frequency was unstable, the movement was uncoordinated, the body was easy to swing up and down, left and right with treading, the front of the seat was high, and the cyclist’s Center of gravity was backward, resulting in compression and stimulation of the perineum, resulting in congestion, swelling and injury of the prostate.


Size of the frame: because the body is short and the seat is too high, the riding posture cannot be adjusted to a comfortable state, resulting in compression on the prostate.


Sitting bag: the sitting bag is not suitable, and the sitting bag cannot comfortably contact the sciatic bone, resulting in the compression of the front half.


Time: mainly for long-distance riders.

Without adequate rest, the number of stops is small, and the prostate is under pressure for a long time, resulting in congestion and swelling of the prostate.


Bad habits: for motorists who smoke and drink.

Methods to alleviate perineal discomfort: 1.

Choose the right car: choose a bike according to your height, weight and even body proportion.

Cyclists generally have a misunderstanding: constantly let themselves adapt to the bike.

What we should do is constantly adjust the bike to suit you.


Select and adjust the height and angle of the seat: the seat is too high – the cyclist is relatively short, which not only makes the cyclist uncomfortable and uncoordinated, but also makes the perineum constantly rub with the seat because the cyclist can only swing up and down.

In particular, the high front of the seat makes the cyclist’s center of gravity backward, or the rough road makes the car severely limp when driving, which is more likely to stimulate the perineum and cause prostate congestion, swelling and injury.

Therefore, pay attention to the selection and adjustment of seats.

The comfortable seat position should be horizontal or slightly inclined downward.

The seat tilts upward – even the best seat will compress the hip artery.

You’d better choose those wider seats.

The seat area is large, and the pelvis bearing the force will not affect other parts.

The seat is too hard – the seat bag can be replaced.

Regardless of beauty, you can buy a cushion cover on it.


Pay attention to the stepping force: when stepping on the pedal, try to ensure that the knee is not fully extended, because that will move the center of gravity to the person’s crotch and cause physical injury.


Proper rest: when riding for a long time, you should stop and rest for a few minutes.

You can also shake the car continuously during cycling to relax the contact between your private parts and the cushion, which can promote blood flow.


Changing posture and center of gravity: when cycling for a long time, pay attention to changing the posture of cycling to move the center of gravity of the body, so as to prevent a certain point in the perineum from exerting force for a long time.


Stand for 10 minutes every day: stand for 10 minutes every day.

This is a daily homework for mountain cyclists.

This is also important for those who ride bicycles on flat ground.

Properly stay away from bicycles, stand for a while every day and walk for a while, which is very good for your health.


Warm water hip bath: those with vaginal swelling or prostatic inflammation can take appropriate physical exercise, and take a warm water hip bath at about 40 ℃ for 20 minutes every day.

Women had better not ride men’s cars in case of inconvenience.


In serious cases, seek medical attention in time: when cycling, if you find that there are discomfort symptoms in the perineum, find out the causes in time.

If there are problems in the seat, eliminate or improve them in time, and pay attention to rest.

Cycle again after the symptoms are eliminated; If the symptoms cannot be eliminated, go to the hospital and ask a doctor for examination and treatment.

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