Riding for two months, why do I love it so much

Wen / DA Baodao of Customs media center I started to think of riding after I heard a colleague say that her friend successfully lost weight by riding a bike to pick up her child.

I have no fat to lose, but I’ve always wanted to find a cheap, easy-to-use exercise that can fill my spare time from work and housework.

After hearing this story, I had a flash of light: isn’t it appropriate to ride to and from work? There are shared bicycles, which can be taken and used at any time; The fare can be monthly, and it can save some subway fees and gas money.

It is in line with my stingy personality.

It’s not perfect! As soon as you read it, you will travel immediately.

Soon, riding after work became the happiest time of my day.

When I found a shared bike in the cold air in winter, my initial feeling was that my hands and feet were cold, but after a few pedals, my body seemed to be covered with a thermal transparent cover.

When the cold air reached out and touched it, I immediately withdrew my hands like an electric shock.

Inspired by this small victory, my spirit is happy.

In every journey, I can hear my soul whistling joyfully and briskly above my head.

The spirit is as if empty, as if focused, as if thinking nothing, as if dreaming.

When I encounter an intersection immediately, or when an electric car drives past me, my spirit will be suddenly pulled into my body.

The road in front of me and the surrounding environment have received full attention, and my consciousness is fully focused on riding.

However, on the next flat and quiet bicycle lane, my consciousness seems to escape restlessly like a naughty child.

This is a middle state between concentration and emptiness, which is difficult to define and elusive, because it is particularly mysterious and charming.

Imagination can be indulged without restraint.

There are no other people, no electronic products, no work and household chores, and the imagination swims around like a splash of water on the ground.

There is a truck parked on the auxiliary road of the Fourth Ring Road.

In the past month, it can be seen every ride.

It silently stops at the roadside without a driver and lights.

It seems that extraterrestrial creatures have put it here and never moved.

Every time I stare at it, I seem to see a blurred body lying in the carriage after the door is opened, the police car with a red light around the truck, the police and forensic doctors in various uniforms up and down in the carriage, and the curious melon eaters who stop outside the isolation line…

When I open my mind, I will see that a serial cartoon of a mysterious murder case that has been planned for a long time has been drawn.

You can always see different scenery.

Or find that everyday people ignore only ordinary scenery.

In a section of the Fourth Ring Road, on the right is a section of pine forest with scattered heights and different postures.

It is obvious that it has been carefully designed and arranged.

In the dark night, it is like a high and deep dry landscape courtyard.

Every time I ride here, I have an impulse to turn around and jump over the fence to find out.

This place, previously unknown, now unknown.

Or ride through a dark section abandoned by the moonlight, like a section in a symphony that weakens and almost becomes silent.

However, when you look up at a corner, you can see the cold string moon or the grand full moon in the sky.

The section suddenly increases from weak, and the grand movement pours down from high altitude, scattering the moonlight of a place.

Or they often pass by professional cyclists riding road bicycles.

They are short dressed and vigorous.

They quickly pass me.

In the blink of an eye, they see them and deceive themselves into thinking that they are so heroic, even though they ride shared bicycles and wear like bread.

Or at the peak on Thursday and Friday night, seeing the slow crawling traffic on the main road of the Fourth Ring Road, looking at the flashing car tail lights in the past, I was secretly proud that I was not among them, and immediately cheered for my wise decision.

I felt the change of seasonal order during cycling.

During the early cycling after the winter solstice, the sky of the first bridge cave was completely dark, and now this moment appears in the second bridge cave.

The sky light is slowly growing, like a shadow, accompany me to walk a little more than the day before yesterday, and then reluctantly commit myself to the darkness.

Although it is not spring yet, I have been daydreaming about the golden light thrown from the bridge in summer.

After a day’s work of sitting in front of the computer and thinking at high speed, riding such a sport is perfect.

The mind is given to relaxed meditation, and the body is slightly sweaty after moderate exercise, but does not feel tired.

Between dynamic and static changes, the mind and body reach a balance between you and me.

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