Riding for a Day | Crossing Yantian Coastline

Every silence is quiet: it contains the insistence and thinking of the moment, and the cultivation of oneself; Each stop and shout: it is a praise to the body and mind, and an attitude to mountains and rivers; Each time we set out again: with respect or confusion for the way ahead, we played psychological games and interacted with our teammates; The longest seashore jade belt in the youth world is under the halo of the commercial metropolis.

Many times, Shenzhen people forget that they are in a seashore city.

There is the most beautiful coastline in China, the purest beach in China, the longest seashore jade belt in the world – Yantian Seaside Plank Road…

They took the children to walk through almost all the mountains and rivers in Shenzhen, hiking along the mountain and sea lines, and sailing around the Dapeng Islands, Riding along the coastline alone has not been possible, which is a small dream shared by children.

Today, we are here to ride the most beautiful seaside greenway in Shenzhen, feel the comfortable place in Shenzhen with two wheels, maintain a state of “indistinct” with the sea in Shenzhen, and look for wonderful expectations…

The perfect fit of physical fitness, whether for children or adults, should be clear about the endurance of physical skills of participants.

Teenagers and children have a high heart rate and a long state of whole-body involvement, which easily makes adults or even them misjudge their own physiological safety limit, and finally leads to excessive exercise, which is not worth the loss.

Select the most essence 20km riding road, and go to people, motorcycles, ups and downs, and gently….

The gently undulating riding green road should be in line with the coastline and the oncoming wave line, which is consistent with the physical demands of children in childhood.

The new environment is very easy for children to have nervous and anxious emotions and escape behaviors.

At this time, parents must do a good job in pacifying them.

The most comfortable thing is that each link in the camp seems to have its own unique position.

This just right environmental carrying value even makes people doubt whether the designer has ever carried out a children’s cycling group.


Riding training Every motorcade trip, the training is the core link.

The use of equipment, the understanding of vehicles, queue rules, gestures, slogans, etc.

will give children the latest knowledge, which is the difference between motorcade travel and personal riding.

2 Binhai Road Dining All Seaview Restaurant, a table chosen by the children themselves, is a place where they can enjoy the peace of mind.

Children may not be excited about the luxury indoor restaurants, but picnics and road meals must be the most desirable way to eat because of nature and freedom.

Road dining skills, trackless travel rules, and object sharing……

3 The fun of playing on the beach and looking out at the sea are always regrettable, especially for children.

When they were told that they could get closer to the sea and print the wheels on the beach, the children were obviously excited.

You should take comfort in your mind and body when you are struggling to move forward.

Build a sand sculpture, make a water drift, and read the intertidal zone……

Safety management cycling team equipment and route safety: – The organization provides brand professional mountain bikes, elbow pads, knee pads, gloves, helmets, and logistics maintenance equipment- The participants are strictly required to wear them effectively and check them in good time- The line is a municipal green road, separated from the motorway, with occasional intersections.

Safety in matching and execution: – The cycling team always maintains a teacher ratio of no less than 1:4, and each team has no less than 3 teachers.

The male and female teachers are matched according to the gender of the students.

– The queue always maintains a standard cycling queue of: leading and riding to break the wind – medium range patrol – logistics finale.

Professionalism of teachers: We have carried out hundreds of cycling groups as far as the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, Hengduan Mountains and the greenway around Shenzhen.

We know well what the real value of cycling is for children and what the psychological needs of children of different ages are.

The more times of execution, the more our coaching team will increase their awe of nature and life.

Trip Express Gathering Departure Opening Contract Equipment, Training Seafood Street Section Cycling Sightseeing Platform Road Meal Lunch Stories Huibei Zaijiao Section Cycling Beach Fun Play Closing Revenue Vehicle Return Journey QAQ: Is the route safe? A: This route is a classic route for cycling.

It not only carries children’s groups for innumerable times, but also is the only clocking section for adult cycling groups.

The physical strength of the line is not strong enough for children of all ages.

In addition, the teachers of the outdoor group are professional outdoor research instructors, and the ratio of teachers for this route is 1:4+.

We always follow the iron rule of safety first and curriculum second.

Those who violate this iron rule will not do it! Q: How to solve lunch? A: The children prepare outdoor simple meals by themselves, and the teacher team carries emergency meals and meals required for the course.

First, let students experience the overall mode of outdoor marching meals.

Second, the conditions for outdoor boarding are limited, and the teaching team is unable to carry all the meals for teachers and students.

This line mechanism uniformly provides self heating rice.

Q: The driving skills are not very good, OK? A: Driving skills have never been the core of group travel assessment, but basic braking capacity and emergency response capacity should be available, especially for Jiulongshan line.

Those who have participated in the first level and one star can participate.

Q: Do you need your own equipment? A: No need.

The club makes unified arrangements.

In addition, the protective equipment is allowed to be carried by oneself, but the vehicles are arranged uniformly.

Q: Is there a beach fun and safe? Can you wet your clothes? A: This link is not included in the main course during the camp period.

In case of special reasons, the scenic spot supervision and lack of time will be banned.

Play normally within the control of the instructor and do not wet clothes..