Riding Fenglingdu (Documentary prose) / Wang Enyu, Baoji, Shaanxi

The Weihe River, which originates in the Qinling Mountains, crosses the Guanzhong Plain and flows all the way to Fenglingdu, where it flows into the Yellow River.

Riding along the Weihe River embankment from Baoji, I would like to use the phrase “imagination”, so I still remember that soul stirring ride.

That spring, on a sunny day, three riding friends of Baoji and I rode Fenglingdu for four days and walked more than 500 kilometers, passing through the following towns: martial arts, Xingping, Yangling, Xianyang, Xi’an, Weinan, Huayin, Tongguan, Dali, Sanyuan and Gaoling.

When we returned, we went to Xi’an aircraft manufacturing company in Yanliang, It also left footprints in Ruicheng County, Shanxi Province.

Think about it, fireworks in March, warm flowers in spring, winding and stretching Weihe River embankment, willows in line, budding and green, outside the embankment is the slowly flowing Weihe River water, in the distance is the vast Qinling Mountain, those mountains are emerald, you can see that there is a faint accumulation of white snow on the peak.

In this huge landscape painting of mountains, waterfowls and flowers, we ride here, each of us seems to be the master of Vientiane, galloping and riding at the reins, a completely strange place everywhere, a watery pond, a piece of green wheat field, a river flowing to the end of the sky, its scenery and feelings are like the spring tide of Qiantang River flowing in the blood vessel, free and romantic, Poetry and painting, dreams and illusions.

In short, the sky is flying, and life is once again full of color.

On the first day, I rode more than 180 kilometers and stayed in a hotel on the outskirts of Xi’an at night.

The next morning, we set out in the thick fog.

Unexpectedly, the imperial provincial capital gave us a threat.

Although the streets were spacious and clean, we walked on thin ice and spent four hours just getting out of the city.

At this time, if you go to ride a smooth road, you will run at least more than 70 kilometers.

In such a hurry, it’s noon, but I can’t see the sun.

The whole sky is gray, like covered with a thick layer of cotton wool.

Car sound, horn sound, radio sound, human voice, sound into the ear, like an invisible steel needle stabbing people’s nerves, disturbing, just trying to pedal the car and run away.

Finally, ride out of Xi’an city and turn onto the Weihe River embankment along an uneven path.

It is only a few steps away.

This colorful area is like a huge muffler and a huge garden falling from the sky.

The embankment is wide, with a car road in the middle and a bicycle road next to it.

Almost every inch of the road is covered by thick green shade.

The wheels are rolling on the red or green plastic road, just like sliding on the smooth ice with roller skates.

It feels good one by one! I can’t help thinking that for thousands of years, countless people have walked along the Weihe River.

They are barefoot, or a boat, or riding, or alone, or in groups, hard and bumpy.

Only we catch up with the good times, get a pension, have no worries about food and clothing, ride a mountain bike with a healthy body, and go our own way in the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

We can be as romantic as we want! I also think of the past, when we fought for those fame and interests, some people were sick, some died early, and now retired as a free body, but some people are still obsessed with money, are still tired of running, and still talk about that false name.

In this way, my three riding friends and I slowed down, walked in a dream, walked in flowers, looked at the white walls and black tiles on both sides, looked at the undulating Qinling Mountains in the distance, and looked at the white clouds in the blue sky.

As a poem says: the body flies with the soul and dream, coming and going like a butterfly, the wind goes and comes, the clouds disperse and gather…

That night, staying at the foot of Huashan Mountain was also a night without words, but the scenery of the mountain outside the window broke through the window.

I grew up in the Qinling Mountains, grinding with the green mountains day and night.

The scenery of the four seasons has calloused my heart.

Even if they are diverse, it is difficult to get a sense of novelty.

But the mountains here are rippling.

Under the moonlight, there are a little abrupt peaks, strange stones like urchins, and pine trees with teeth and claws.

They are skinny and strong.

They are natural in nature.

The five mountains of China deserve it! The next morning, I continued to ride.

It was still the Weihe River embankment, accompanied by the sound of birds, sunny and leisurely.

Arrive at Fenglingdu at noon, what a place at the junction of three provinces! What a bridge across the Yellow River! At this moment, the handcart stands in the middle of the bridge, with ups and downs of heart, as if it were a young man going to a heart beating date.

Looking into the distance, the rolling Yellow River water is under the bridge.

Looking along the sparkling river, the closed place of clouds and fog is the Xiaoqinling mountains in Henan Province.

On the left is the Loess Plateau in Ruicheng, Shanxi Province.

There are village houses, flocks of sheep, high loess mountains, white clouds and bright sunshine.

People can’t help thinking of a song “people say good scenery in Shanxi” and the heartfelt song “walking to Xikou”.

In front of them, a warm and sad picture is transformed: under the gully, weeds, setting sun and cold moon wandering, A woman is sending off her lover with tears.

My heart could not help jumping.

Maybe she still stopped there and happened to listen to her song of parting with her own ears: brother, you go west, little sister, I really can’t stay.

He took his brother’s hand and sent him to the gate…

So he rode across the bridge and came to Ruicheng, Shanxi Province in the blink of an eye.

But stopped at the end of the bridge.

The four of us held our bicycles, leaned against the road signs, faced the camera and said in one voice: OK! It’s time to go home.

At this time, I suddenly found a strange phenomenon.

When the water from the Weihe River in the distance came, it suddenly became a water wall, like a galloping army and horses meeting a cliff, and the fierce horses raised their heads and screamed..