Riding east to see the seamount (original prose)


Plan: ride Lianyungang Rizhao for about 1000 kilometers in 5 to 8 days.


Implementation process: Six actual riders, including gaojingfeng, gaoweiliang, xuhao, sundunzhen, Chang Chuandong and chengshouzhong.

At five o’clock on August 14, 2017, starting from Fengxian County, passing through the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal via the Bayi Bridge, arriving at Jiawang, heading south to the 310 National Highway, heading east, riding 200 kilometers on the same day, staying at gaofengtou Town, Tancheng County, Shandong Province, the planned destination in the evening, passing through Donghai County the next day to Lianyungang Museum – Huaguoshan – Liandao, and staying at Xugou in the evening.

On the 16th, as one of the team members had something to do to return home, they took 310 North Road, passed dunshang Town, Ganyu County – Shahe Town – Huangchuan town – Qinghu Town, returned to the original road, went north from Shuangdian Town, Donghai County to Tancheng, and stayed in Lanling Town, Linyi in the evening to taste Lanling wine.

On the 17th, I went to Weishan County, Zaozhuang City, crossed Weishan Lake by boat at Aihu Wharf in the south, and turned back by way of Peixian county.

At 18:00, Chang Chuandong and I returned to Songlou Town, and the other four returned to Fengxian County.


The actual journey is 700 kilometers, passing through Jiangsu and Shandong provinces, Xuzhou, Lianyungang, Linyi, Zaozhuang and Jining, and passing through the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal, Yi, Si, Shu and hilly plains.

The effective riding time is 4 days.

The first three days were cold and cloudy.

On the 17th, it was sunny and hot, but it was always downwind.

The car was repaired five times.

The journey was smooth and safe.


The travel notes and feelings are recorded as follows: in the early morning of August 14, the six of us met to ride in Lianyungang – Rizhao trip.

The four of them marched along fengxu Road (provincial highway 322) from Fengxian County.

My brother-in-law Chang Chuandong and I started from Songlou town along fengxu South Road, met at Zhengji town in the northern suburb of Xuzhou, crossed the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal through the North Bayi Bridge of Linjiaba, and went to Jiawang District along the Hunan side of Weishan mountain.

In jiawangdong, I ate watermelons from Heilongjiang.

The bright red flesh was compact, crisp and sweet.

It was encouraging, the heat was reduced, and the wind was cool under my arms.

It was like drinking the seventh bowl of tea.

From Jiawang to the south, it entered the 310 National Highway and joined the rolling traffic.

Even riding, in the final analysis, is still a lonely journey.

We can’t go hand in hand in long-distance travel.

Safety comes first.

The six of us lined up in a row, but it was also a scenery.

Being evaluated and watched; At the same time, the local conditions and customs along the way also come into our eyes.

Schopenhauer said well: there are only two choices in life, either vulgar or lonely.

indeed! Riding is not acceptable to everyone, but yearning for the distance will give us more dreams and expectations in our lives.

We have been satisfied with this.

Real travel is taking a strange road, watching strange scenery, listening to strange songs, eating unfamiliar food, feeling different cultures, and then enjoying an inadvertent moment.

Entering Pizhou, street trees are more exciting.

There are many fast-growing poplar trees in Fengxian County, which have been planted for more than ten years.

They are tall and burly, shading the whole highway and have the feeling of piercing holes; In the suburbs of Xuzhou, many roads are paved with Populus tomentosa.

This kind of tree species, which was once popular in Mr.

Mao Dun’s “praise of Populus tomentosa”, is still indomitable in the Huang Huai Region and silently sticks to its post.

Those who came later did not give in.

Sapium sebiferum trees, Ligustrum lucidum, and some unknown trees made the road more beautiful, while those in Pizhou were sequoia trees, especially those in Tiefu town.

The town is known as “the first way of Metasequoia in the world”.

The straight Metasequoia itself is one of the three national treasures of our plants – Metasequoia, gingko and golden larch.

On both sides of the Metasequoia tree is an endless sea of gingko trees.

At the same time, it has witnessed how rare the two national treasure plants are, and they have become a forest and a trip.

Maybe this is the realm of “everyone gets drunk when he is not drunk”.

“Time tunnel” is on the south side of the road, but I don’t know if it is the one shot by Mr.

Chen Zhi in 2011? The picture “fairy tales in autumn” taken by Mr.

Chen Zhi in the town won international awards, and was published by National Geographic magazine.

Later, it was reported by CCTV on multiple channels, and the road became increasingly famous.

But the tunnel in front of us is real.

The branches and leaves of ginkgo tree have been closed, and the tunnel is natural; Especially in autumn and winter every year, the “time tunnel” covered with “gold” is very charming.

In the evening, ride to gaofengtou Town, Tancheng County, Linyi City, Shandong Province.

China’s administrative divisions are very interesting.

On the west side of Tancheng is Pizhou City and on the east side is Donghai County.

Tancheng is nested in it; The same is true of Fengxian County, the hometown.

It is equivalent to a corner front extending from Jiangsu Province to the northwest.

Dangshan County in Northern Anhui is to the west, and Shan county and Yutai County in Shandong are to the northwest and North.

One theory is that an older generation proletarian revolutionist, who is familiar with the works of historians and has a deep understanding of “the art of kings”, this situation of nested administrative regions can effectively restrict the situation of “princes’ self-control and self-respect”.

The way of the king in “the art of the emperor” needs “to be clear minded and aware, to govern by doing nothing” and “to know people and make good use of things without being personally involved”; It is not all the old calendar that governs “the people” and “governs the officials” and exercises martial arts; After all, it is better to read and travel than to build a car behind closed doors.

Is this the case? In fact, there is no need to brood over it.

Even if there is a saying that “closing the window will lead to a Zen temple, and closing the door will lead to a deep mountain”, if you are always confined to the study, you will inevitably have green moss in your brain, and become a modern “sloth”.

Samuel Johnson said: the role of travel is to use reality to restrict imagination, not to think about what things will be like, but to see what they actually are.

According to the common sense of riding, you need to ride a distance in the morning, feel a little hungry, and then have breakfast, which will be pleasant..