Riding Dictionary: 7 riding idioms you must master

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Thank you for your support! A cup of water makes a new bike look like a new one.

The car is well maintained without obvious wear and dirt.

E.g.: haven’t you ridden this car much? The water tanker is new! When riding a bicycle, I drank a lot of water, enough to feed a horse and a dragon.

It describes that riding a bike consumes a lot of supplies.

Example: you should prepare more supplies this time.

After all, long-distance riding is a busy job.

You can’t be careless! Learning to be rich and having five cars is obviously very poor, but I have to learn from those rich people and buy five bicycles to go home.

Describes a person who overestimates his strength and insists on buying luxury goods beyond his financial ability.

E.g.: tell me about you.

You obviously don’t have much money, but you have to buy such an expensive wheel set.

Isn’t that a rich student! The car in front is as cheap as the car in front.

They say they want to break the wind for me, but in fact they are trying to blow me up.

This behavior is too cheap.

The cheapness of the car in front is to describe this kind of disreputable behavior, which is often extended to pretending to be a good person, but actually doing evil.

Example: you said you wanted to help me catch up with my sister, but you ran to say bad things about me.

What a cheap car! There must be a road in front of the mountain.

Although the leader said that riding to the mountain would be over, there must be a road to ride when the car reached the mountain.

It is used to describe being bewitched by others.

There is no end to a new job after finishing a job.

Example: three years, three years later, three years later, three years later, almost ten years, boss! There must be a way to the front of the mountain.

It’s endless! Riding a light bicycle on a familiar road describes a person as relaxed and comfortable as a duck to water.

E.g.: he has worked in this company for ten years and is familiar with the job.

A light bicycle is simply what everyone wants.

Describes an object whose value is widely recognized and everyone wants it.

Example: I really don’t know what to give.

Just give it to the bar.

It’s easy to follow.

No one doesn’t like it.

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It’s really convenient.

When tired of riding, she can ride a car.

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