Riding Diary | Crossing the Motian Mountain

On September 18, the weather turned cloudy and clear.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, all travel plans turned into waiting for the end of the epidemic.

I can only walk in Kunming.

Recently, it has rained nonstop in Kunming.

Finally, it’s sunny and I can go for a stroll! The Motianling Mountain is the highest peak in the north of Kunming City, with an altitude of 2428m.

Climbing to the top of the Motianling Mountain, you can have a panoramic view of the whole Kunming City.

There are large and small unpaved roads leading to the top of the mountain, so it has become one of the favorite places for cross-country enthusiasts! Not long after entering the mountain, I met the road my donkey wanted to detour.

Because it had been raining a few days ago.

There were puddles and mud in the mountains, all of which were muddy steep slopes.

This was undoubtedly a difficult challenge for us.

The riders all said to themselves that the technology was not enough.

Seeing this road, they had no confidence.

Fortunately, KTM set up the Global Knight Academy.

Kunming is just one of the three major bases in China.

Teacher Zhang Min is responsible for teaching.

Make cross-country within your reach.

Come and improve your next segment together.

Don’t look up to the light, go to be the light! Finally, we successfully climbed to the top of the mountain and met many two wheel+four wheel cross-country enthusiasts along the way.

Our progress is inseparable from your support.

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