Riding (Chapter 647)

Xiao Bao and Xiao Bao have been riding for some time.

Since they changed to a new car, they feel more slippery.

Now I take him to cross the country.

When I meet a path, I go into it.

When I ride, it suddenly becomes clear.

A hidden cottage appears in front of me.

Xiao Bao was more excited and unconsciously accelerated.

He ran ahead of me and I also accelerated.

Soon, Xiao Bao might run into a pit and avoid it.

Then he fell.

I put on a sudden brake right beside him.

Looking at Xiao Bao who fell into shit, he laughed heartlessly: I have said that I should practice jumping.

Your technology is inexplicable.

Then I demonstrated how to jump ahead of time.

The next second was when I threw the car.

I quickly helped the station up and said awkwardly: mistakes! Xiao Bao laughed and folded.

We continued to walk along the village, greedily enjoying the afterglow, printed on the roof, farmland, vegetable fields and farmers’ shoulders.

After a short ride, Xiao Bao’s voice came from the walkie talkie: Look for something to eat, Dad, hungry.


I turned around and found Xiao Bao’s car clattering.

Adjust the gear.

It’s a bit stuck.

Xiao Bao adjusted it quickly.

We stopped in front of a snack bar.

Xiao Bao rushed into the convenience store and wanted to take all the food.

I gave him a white eye.

Xiao Bao curled his mouth and put the snacks in his arms back on the shelf one by one.

After eating, we continued to move forward.

After walking for half an hour, a voice came from the walkie talkie: Dad, where is this? I don’t know Whatever, go ahead.

The road is ahead Xiao Bao is speechless.

Follow me and move on…