Riding Camp | Riding Record of Yantian Seaside Plank Road

Go riding together to get close to nature and enjoy a good weekend ride HELLOAUTUMN ‚óŹ Good time riding is very beneficial to the physical growth of young people.

It belongs to aerobic exercise, which can help the body consume calories, enhance the coordination of limbs, and enhance heart and lung functions.

Riding is a movement dominated by the opposite side, with the legs pedaling alternately and the upper limbs grasping the handlebars, which can enhance the coordination of the limbs.

This sport can also effectively exercise the hip, knee and ankle joints of the lower limbs, and effectively mobilize the muscles, joints and ligaments of the neck, back, arm, abdomen, waist, groin, hip, etc.

Riding can also effectively exercise the muscle strength of lower limbs, strengthen the overall endurance, and enhance the cardiopulmonary function during exercise.

All you need is a brave heart.

The cycling route is arranged to be close to nature and enjoy riding along the Yantian Seashore Plank Road.

The total length is about 20 kilometers.

We take the most essence part of it, starting from near Yantian Seafood Street.

The coastal coastal plank road will ride all the way to Xiaomeisha Seashore Library, with a total of 15 kilometers.

There are several very ideal scenic spots along the way.

More than half of the distance is covered by trees, and you don’t need to worry about too much sunshine.

Before the ride, parents were worried because most of the children who signed up for the ride were 7-10 years old and almost did not ride for a long distance outdoors.

Parents were worried about whether their children would be too tired to ride for the first time at 15km.

1 Sign in, assemble and depart This activity belongs to a customized independent group, and only children participate alone.

At 8:00 a.m., the team members have assembled on time.

Many members of the team have participated before, so meeting again adds a sense of intimacy.

Coach Yike, who is ready to get on the bus and leave, is the battalion leader of this activity.

He has been engaged in youth pressure management and behavior literacy for more than 10 years.

He has rich experience in outdoor team leadership, and is the leader and event planner of this ride.

Coach Zhang Lianlong has successively ridden Hainan Island, Yunnan, Qinghai Lake, Jeju Island, South Korea and other places.

He has rich experience in cycling.

Today, he is responsible for the end of cycling, troubleshooting and teaching bicycle knowledge.

Miss Ning is the mother of the two children.

She likes to contact with the children very much and is very patient.

Today, she will also carefully observe the children’s situation and provide help.

Marubeni teacher (right) is responsible for taking photos and videos, capturing the wonderful scenes of the team members’ riding, and observing and recording the problems shown by the children during their journey.

Today, the task of the small team members is not to exceed one coach, but to exceed Meng Long’s coach Yo~2 to explain the cycling equipment.

At 8:55 a.m., the team members arrive at the starting point of the cycling.

The coach takes the team members to warm up first, and the bicycles and cycling equipment are ready.

The “Early Childhood” team has equipped mountain bikes of different sizes according to the height and weight of each member.

Each member has a special bike with his own name on it, which is truly customized.

In order to ensure the safety of riding, every member of the team needs to wear a helmet, knee pad and elbow pad correctly.

The teacher helped the children wear knee pads.

Some kids are familiar with riding protective gear, because we want to start riding too much~~Coach Zhang, who is experienced in riding, explained the correct way to brake to the team members before getting their bikes: first pinch the left brake (rear brake), then pinch the right brake (front brake), and never brake hard.

The height of the seat should not be too high.

If it is too high, it is easy to fall, and it cannot be too short.

If it is too short, the legs cannot stretch straight.

It will be hard to ride.

The height should be adjusted according to your height and leg length, so that the legs can stretch at the lowest point when you sit on the seat.

After receiving the bicycle, some children have started to adjust the seat height by themselves according to the instructions of the coach to determine the vehicle condition.


Riding practice.

Get on the bike and practice the riding password.

Before starting, the team members will ride around the site under the guidance of the riding instructor, get familiar with their own vehicle conditions, and ensure the safety of riding.

4 After the test ride, we started our orderly cycling team.

From the moment we got on the bike, each team member, together with the grass, trees and sea water beside the road, became a beautiful scenery on this green road, attracting people to praise and take photos.

At the beginning of the journey, the temperature was still low.

Many young players wore thick clothes and stopped to go to the bathroom to change clothes.

The bikes were parked neatly.

The process of cycling is like that life is not smooth all the way, and there is an uphill ahead.

Although it was tiring to go up the slope, all the team members pushed their carts and climbed up.

Some small team members said that it was much more difficult than doing their homework.

I usually go out to participate in outdoor challenges.

It’s not easy to go home and do homework! The slope became a little gentle, and the team continued to ride on the bike.

The young cyclists enjoyed the blue sea, green sky and white clouds while riding, and felt the treasure bestowed by nature.

At this moment, they said goodbye to all the troubles and said hello to all the happiness.

Today was a wonderful day.

Face the sea and shout out your wishes to release the internal pressure! 5 At the beginning of lunch, more than half of the journey had passed unconsciously.

At noon, the cycling team came to a wide viewing platform to rest and prepare for lunch.

At the moment of delicious food, I have brought a lot.

The rice made by myself tastes delicious! There were new friends during the ride, and they soon made new friends.

We had a good time when we met for the first time.

Let’s share lunch together..