Riding between the mountains and the sea, exposing the nutrient Island

Today’s autumn is clear and sunny.

It’s a rare good weather since the beginning of autumn.

In the morning, at the invitation of teacher ayin, I participated in the “Yuehai farming and reading” reading club, with the theme of reading Alan de Botton’s book “the art of travel”.

Although I love reading, this is my first time to participate in the reading club and read a good book with the elites who love reading from all walks of life.

I feel fresh and excited.

When I arrived at the reading club, I felt comfortable.

There are many reading activities, and the signature link is very special.

Readers who participate in reading activities first write a sentence about reading on the signature book and sign their own name, and then write a name they prefer (real name, pen name, online name, and a name you want to call temporarily) and stick it on their chest.

It has a strong sense of ceremony and is convenient for readers to know each other.

As soon as the reading time came, the host Mu Mu read out the central idea of the reading club, followed by the self introduction.

It was also very novel and different from all the activities I had participated in before.

It can be seen that the organizer had used his heart.

Next, teacher ayin will lead the reading.

Everyone will read a paragraph from the book the art of travel.

After all the readings are finished, the sharing of reading and travel life will follow.

I would like to take this opportunity to present the book “travel notes on the mountain” just published this year to all readers.

After the meeting, the readers said that the form of “carefree on the mountain” was very meaningful and recorded while traveling.

I originally thought that people only liked to read pictures rather than articles.

This is my cognition.

It is only through this reading meeting that we know that there are so many people who love reading, and they are so serious and pious.

Several readers share that reading brings them not only more knowledge, but also great help to their life.

Depressed patients get healthy through reading, confused people get directions through reading, and children’s education problems are solved through reading.

“Wednesday reading club” Teacher Wang Xiaojie shared a paragraph: “either read or travel, the body and soul must have one on the road.” I agree with this sentence, which is also my motto.

Recently, I have been busy with all kinds of reception and entertainment during the summer vacation.

In a flash, I haven’t traveled for nearly two months.

Cycling, which I just liked this year, has been put on hold for a long time.

The theme of today’s reading club is “the art of travel”.

Why not be a practitioner.

So as soon as the reading meeting was over, I didn’t have time for lunch, so I invited Mr.

Chen and Mr.

Liu, my two old friends, to decide to take a bike ride.

We temporarily decided that since the trip is difficult, we should enjoy the feeling of being tired and happy for a long time.

The goal is to camp at night on Yangma island in Yantai city and ride the country road, with a mileage of 135 Li.

I hurried home to pack my bags.

Before I had finished packing, Liu and Chen had already arrived downstairs.

Haha, it seems that they are also in urgent need of a trip.

This is the state and speed of life after 80.

I was overwhelmed by their speed after 70.

He helped me quickly pack up and set out at 14:30 p.m., and I should be able to see the sunset glow on Yangma island.

It is expected to arrive at Yangma island at 6:00 p.m.

because there are too many beautiful scenery on the way, the three masters who have not been enjoying themselves for a long time are confused.

They walk and stop until the island is already brightly lit before reaching their destination.

Watching the sunset glow on the island has become watching the stars on the island.

Liu laughed at himself: “we don’t care about the goal and destination, but the scenery along the way and the mood of seeing the scenery.” Chen and I agreed.

Isn’t life like this? We will eventually go to the end – death, and ignore the serious experience and feelings of the journey of life.

I also agree with a saying in Fage’s circle of friends: “keep your enthusiasm, everything you see will become a scenery, and walk out of the most tortuous journey between the two points of life.” At dusk, we quickly found a homestay restaurant (also the first one we saw after entering the island), and asked the waiter to simply order four dishes.

150 ml of 53 degree “meet Xiaoyao” wine was packed, and each person was just slightly drunk.

It’s already ten o’clock at night after dinner.

At this time, it’s the first task to find the best campsite.

Today, the north wind is right on the south side of the island.

Based on our previous experience, we found a wooden open space near Tianma square.

This is the best place to set up a tent.

The three agreed to camp nearby.

The tents are triangular with horns for each other, giving a full sense of security.

We chatted all over the world until late at night.

At this moment, there was no other noise except the chirp of autumn insects and the snoring of Mr.

Chen in the night sky.

I also fell asleep in this symphony.

I must welcome the sunrise tomorrow after missing the sunset.

Alan de Botton pointed out in his book the art of travel: “travel can inspire people to think.

Few places are easier for people to listen to their inner voice than on the moving plane, ship and train.

There is a wonderful connection between the landscape in front of us and the ideas that may occur in our minds: Grand thinking often requires a grand landscape, and new ideas often come from strange places..