“Riding and Wandering – Traveling around China” D.215-235 Tianchayu → Bomi, the next stop is Linzhi

“Riding and wandering around China” D.215 days, the 70km record from Chayu County to Amola is only a temporary departure from Tibet, and the destination is Shangri La.

If the road is unsealed on the way, they will immediately turn around and continue to Lhasa.

If they haven’t been unsealed before the avalanche, they will stay in the avalanche to play, and then enter Tibet to ride to Lhasa, instead of going home, they will enter Tibet for a long time without riding, and things are in a mess.

They will get up early in the morning to pack things, After cleaning up, it was already more than ten o’clock.

It was already more than eleven o’clock when I went to line up to finish the nucleic acid.

It was time to have lunch in the morning.

I had a bag of instant noodles for breakfast to deal with the problem.

After going on the road, I had no break in snacks and bread, but I was not hungry; Until 5:30 in the afternoon, I was so hungry that I felt weak, stopped to eat a lot of food, and started at 6:00.

I was still very weak, and almost collapsed after climbing the slope.

When you go out, you go uphill.

A total of 120 kilometers uphill before you arrive at Ranwu Lake.

Occasionally, you want to camp at six o’clock on a bumpy road, but you can’t find water source.

Slowly swing the car up the slope until 7:30; In fact, I didn’t ride many roads, mainly because I was too slow when I was hungry.

After receiving the water, we can’t bind it to the bike, so we can only carry it by hand.

But after carrying it, we can’t ride uphill, so we have to push on the last road.

When we camped, it was more than eight o’clock and the camp was next to National Highway 559.

There was just a flat land as wide as my tent (in fact, there were a lot of stones and cow dung, which was flattened for tens of minutes); One side is the national highway, and the other side is the ditch.

I don’t want to camp in such a place, but climbing the slope is too painful after I’m hungry, and I can only push after I get water.

I put my bike two meters in front of the tent, close to the road.

I hope there will be no blind deviation and hit me tonight.

If you want to hit me, hit my bike.

Ha ha.

In the daytime, I ride all the way in the canyon.

It is very hot where there is sunshine, and cold and gloomy where there is no sunshine; All the way, I also took off my thick clothes and repeatedly struggled for several times.

Especially on the downhill road where the sun can’t reach, the wind blowing over is cold and cold; It’s annoying to go uphill.

I sweat in thick clothes and feel cold after taking off.

In the evening, I suffered even worse when I went downhill.

My fingers were green with cold.

I was OK when I went uphill.

I was not very cold in sweating.

I was too tired and hungry today.

In addition, breakfast was just instant noodles.

So I also added a dish for dinner.

Usually, it was a dish.

Today, I made two.

I rewarded the ghost place where I camped.

I set up a tent and had a net.

I also talked about the trip in the cycling group.

After that, there was no net.

For the first time, the operation error of the friend circle code was not saved or sent out, and the second time, the two cards had no signal.

The reason for not saving the first time may also be that suddenly there was no Internet cafe “Riding and wandering around China” D.216 days, Amora → Guyu Township → Guyu Checkpoint → 44km six shifts recorded 20 to 30 degrees in the day, and the tent even froze at night.

One night, we camped beside the national road and spent the night safely.

It’s just that there are a lot of carts.

Every time the wind brought by the passing carts makes the tent swing from side to side.

Tonight, we camped at the water filling place with six buses all the way up the slope.

The altitude is 4223, and it is 20 kilometers away from the top of the mountain.

It’s so cold on the mountain.

I will sit in the master’s room of six shifts to add water to the cart and watch thousands of sights.

I like the snow scene and see many girls.

I just love you.

It’s been a long time.

Four years have passed in a twinkling of an eye, but I have been wandering.

“Riding and wandering – traveling around China” D.217 days, G559 six shifts → Ranwu Lake → Ranwu Town 66km recorded that last night I camped at an altitude of 4223.

The campsite is a place to add water to the cart, When camping, the boss was not there, the room was locked, and the tap was filled with water in advance to cook at night.

The boss just came back after setting up the tent.

When cooking, he cooked at the side of the fire basket in the boss’s room, so the water was not used, and he forgot to pour it out.

The next morning, when he got up, all the water bags were frozen, and it took him two hours to pour out all the ice, I can imagine how cold it was in my camping place last night.

When I got up in the morning to clean up my cooking and tent, I thought the temperature was acceptable.

It was not particularly cold.

When I cleaned up my tent, it was still dark.

So I thought it would not be very cold in the sun after I set out, even though the altitude was very high; But after setting out, because of wearing summer gloves, I almost lost consciousness after riding for one kilometer.

It took a long time to recover after changing into winter gloves.

Today, we could have arrived at Ranwu Town early, 20 kilometers uphill.

46 km downhill, I had to grind my way to Ranwu Town at 5:00 or 6:00, and then did nucleic acid work to find the camp, which would delay the time until it was more than 8:00.

The circle of friends had not been sent, and the food had not been prepared.

Uh uh uh, let’s send the circle of friends first, and then cook and eat after sending the food.

Ha ha, the ink mark on the way was so long, mainly because the scenery was too beautiful, the uphill was good, and it was slow, so it was not a waste of time to take photos; The downhill scenery is too beautiful, which not only wastes time, but also takes a lot of braking.

I haven’t rushed up on the downhill road.

Every time I just rushed up, I had to brake to take photos.

Today, I took more than 200 photos at one time; There are more videos in a few minutes.

They are either shooting or recording.

Both mobile phones almost shut down..