Riding 8 kilometers in rainy days, college students run red lights! Netizens say

Knock on the window to communicate, ride 8 kilometers to open the way, and even run several red lights…

On September 4, there was a serious traffic jam in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province during the rainy day and rush hour, and an ambulance was trapped.


Zhang in the car is eager to accompany her father to hospital.

At this time, a warm heart scene suddenly appeared! A young man riding a motorcycle took the initiative to help, opened up a channel for the ambulance and escorted him all the way to the hospital! “I thought he was just passing by, but I didn’t expect him to escort him all the way to the hospital!” It is understood that the enthusiastic boy named sun Huan who rode the escort ambulance is a college student in a university in Xi’an.

In the evening, it rained again at the evening peak, and the traffic jam on the motorway became more and more serious.

Sun Huan’s motorcycle could have walked through the gap between cars, but he found an ambulance flashing red and blue lights behind him.

“It looks like there are patients in the car who are worried.” Because there was no traffic police on the roadside at that time, he ran to the front, knocked on the windows of more than a dozen cars and rode for 8 kilometers to open the way for the ambulance.

Sun Huan said that he ran several red lights to seize time, but he wanted to save people quickly.

Several violations are not important in front of life.

Afterwards, Ms.

Zhang, the patient’s family member, recalled: “I suddenly saw a young man on a motorcycle leading the way to the ambulance.

I thought he took a section by the way, but I didn’t expect him to escort him all the way to the hospital.” Netizen: the most handsome Knight! Editor in charge: Yue Pei editor: Li Jiaqi source: China Youth Daily, Tiantian positive energy, Sanqin Metropolis Daily, white deer video, netizen comments, etc..