Riding 10 kilometers, I got the feeling.

Today is the 85th consecutive day.

Taking advantage of the good weather, I finished the day’s work ahead of time and wanted to go out for a visit.

Sweep a shared bike and start to go to the East Music Park, which has been absent for a long time.

In fact, this park has long been changed into the Eastern Suburb Memory, but I always feel that it is not as pleasant as the Eastern Music Park.

I don’t know why.

I can hardly meet the red light for just one ride these times.

This time, I won’t have a rest time for more than 5 kilometers one-way.

Last time, it was even worse.

I only got a red light for more than 7km.

Since I left Chengdu last time, I have never been to the eastern suburbs.

This is the second area where I lived in Chengdu last time.

The original rented community is more lively than before, and I have the impression that several stores are still there.

It has been 8 years.

Time flies.

Eastern Suburb Memory has not changed much internally, but many commercial complexes have been built around it, which are completely different from those before.

When I lived here before, I sometimes walked back from Hongxing Road after work.

I also admired myself very much.

On weekends, I will come to the park square and sit in the sun.

I have also met many times of diffuse exhibition and seen many COSERS.

Sometimes, you can sleep until the afternoon, and then when you are too hungry, walk along this road to the village base on the ground floor of SM Square, and have a Kung Fu chicken leg meal.

Walking into SM Square again, I was most impressed by the original location of KFC, which opened a Naixue.

Follow the Second Ring Road and continue to Ito Yokado.

It’s time for a 20% discount on fresh food again.

Unfortunately, there are many things at home.

I will buy them in a few days.

In fact, after shopping in the supermarket, I can’t walk anymore.

The original plan was to continue to ride back, but another voice appeared in the head, “I’m so tired, take the bus”.

Then, these two choices will be your own PK.

In the end, my principled self defeated laziness.

I swept a bicycle and rode back at one go.

Such stories are put on every day.

At 8:30 every morning, the alarm clock rings on time.

The lazy one wants to go to bed again, but the other one refuses.

It’s time for dinner.

I’m lazy and want to order a takeout, but the other one doesn’t agree.

At 2 o’clock in the morning, the lazy one wanted to go to bed, but the other one refused.

That greedy person has wanted to have barbecue for a long time, but the other person didn’t agree.

So, is there anything difficult in this world? It’s just difficult to control yourself, stick to yourself, and hold yourself.

All people have desires.

When we are faced with desires, we must change this desire into motivation and strive to achieve our goals.

To say the least, to live is to have a desire, and many desires add up to the desire to “survive”.

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