Riding ▎ power riding training popular science, so you can ride faster without leaving home in winter

|What is the effect of FTP on power training· How to measure FTP value · why do power training courses? ▼ ▎ recognize several measured data ▎ AP (average power) simply averages the changing power value, which can not fully reflect the intensity of this ride.

NP (normalized power) is the average power readjusted after considering various variables on the basis of average power.

It can pay more attention to the output above the threshold.

From the above figure, we can see that the power value changes greatly.

Affected by various road factors such as slope and wind speed, it is difficult for the power to have a stable output state.

At this time, the AP can only simply average the value.

NP, which takes into account all variable factors, shows a difference that the average power cannot reflect, and can more objectively reflect the degree of riding effort, so we say NP is more important.

FTP (functional threshold power) is the maximum output capacity that can be maintained in one hour, which is an average value.

“Ftp220” means that the driver can maintain the maximum ability for one hour with an average output of 220W.

FTP quantifies the movement ability of a driver.

This value is dynamic.

According to the effect of driver training, the state of the body is changing.

This value is also basically a critical zone between aerobic and anaerobic drivers, which can be used as a reference value for training.

▼ ▎ what effect does FTP have on power training? Because the abilities of drivers vary greatly, the consequences of different training for people with different abilities are very different.

Suppose the coach asks you to maintain an average speed of 40 for a 10 km practice, which is impossible for novices to complete.

People with a certain foundation will be half tired, but drivers with systematic training experience don’t have much pressure.

These three different results will lead to different practice effects.

If you are tired and collapse, you will be hurt by excessive exercise; The training intensity is appropriate, which brings good training pressure to the body; The intensity of training stimulation is not enough and does not achieve the expected training effect.

Then, with the benchmark value of FTP, according to everyone’s different FTP, people with different abilities output with their suitable intensity, and the training effect is relatively similar.

Point directly to your most painful point, so that your practice is most suitable for your current level, which is one of the main functions of FTP.

▼ ▎ how to measure FTP? It’s hard to do 60 minutes of full output, but we can now test FTP once.

Before testing FTP, you need to adjust your physical state.

1-2 days before testing, try to avoid large amount of exercise, so that your body’s fatigue state can be restored to a certain extent.

During the test, fully warm up.

After 10 minutes of warm-up, do 2-3 groups of high-frequency treading for 1 minute, and each group for 1 minute.

Let the body better activate.

In the next stage, you need to do 5 minutes of full trampling.

These 5 minutes emphasize full output.

You can output as much as you can.

In this link, you will soon enter an anaerobic state, and a large amount of glycogen stored in your body will be consumed rapidly.

At the end of five minutes, your basic ability in the anaerobic phase is also exhausted.

The purpose of this stage is to consume your anaerobic capacity reserve.

Then, do 10 minutes of relaxation exercise to calm down the heart and recover the body from exhaustion.

At this time, the energy metabolism in your body depends more on fat for energy supply, otherwise you will be broken.

After 10 minutes of relaxation, the threshold output test is really started.

This stage takes 20 minutes.

The intensity should not be too high, but try to maintain a stable medium intensity output.

Drivers wearing heart rate belts should pay attention to their heart rate performance, keep the heart rate in the range of 80-85% of the maximum heart rate as far as possible, keep the power as far as possible in this heart rate atmosphere, and don’t fall down.

If they feel unable to adhere, slow down a little, However, try to maintain the heart rate above 78-79%, and be careful not to let the heart rate burst the meter.

At 15 minutes of this session, evaluate your ability.

If you feel that you can appropriately improve the output, try to improve some output.

In the last three minutes, you can make another appropriate sprint, but the heart rate should not reach more than 95% of the maximum heart rate, and maintain it near the upper limit to complete 20 minutes of trampling.

At the end of the test phase, conduct 10 minutes of mild cooling.

This remission phase must be completed, so that the heart rate gradually drops down and the body relaxes.

If you stop right away, get off.

Dizziness, people are very uncomfortable.

It also has a great burden on the heart.

Through the 20 minute threshold test after consuming anaerobic capacity, the obtained NP is cp20, and the value multiplied by 95% is the FTP after the test.

If you pass the onelap software test, FTP will automatically get it, which does not need to be multiplied by 95%.

FTP testing is recommended to be done four times a year, and athletes also do it six times a year.

Because all follow-up training is carried out around FTP, only by measuring their own accurate FTP, the follow-up training will be more targeted.

▼ ▎ why do you do power training? Our training focuses on the improvement of FTP ability.

FTP requires us to have a relatively solid aerobic ability, as well as the steady improvement of muscle strength and endurance.

Only with proper training will our FTP gradually grow.

The power course is a complete training process again and again.

Each class should start with warm-up, then enter the target power practice, and finally relax before ending the course..