Riders’ Prose: talking about the cold in the severe winter

When I was still looking for a reason for the cold winter, you gave me the answer.

It’s cold today.

The day also became unusually cold, cold everywhere, cold swaying with the wind.

Winter is the cradle of spring, the placenta of spring and the mother of spring.

The severe cold of the 24th solar term in winter is the prelude to the beginning of spring, the signal of ice thawing and the prelude to the warm flowers in spring.

Without the severe cold of winter, the sunny spring will lose its connotation.

When the cold wind silently soothes the desolate earth and the desolate field quietly awakens the deep and shallow memory, the great cold comes late like a reserved lady.

All things tremble, cold is its character.

The cold that went straight into the bone marrow completely froze all kinds of pests and germs struggling in the cold winter.

“If you don’t kill in severe winter, why do you see sunny spring”.

Snowflakes are also silent in the depths of the years, curling into a lonely landscape at the tip of the branches in winter.

It’s cold, the mountains are cold, the sky is cold, and the earth is cold.

It’s generally given to the mountains and forests with its cold wind.

Fight in the wilderness, climb the stairs, cover the cold house, don’t abandon the dead wood, don’t leak the sick old man.

It can engrave its original trace in all creatures, make the original weak pattern composition coherent, and make the noisy rivers and streams cold and become free from the bondage of indecision.

Form an inevitable picture and achieve the composition of weakness into steel.

Creation has no words but love.

It feels spring every time it is cold.

On a cold night, the stars shrank into knots, the moonlight was even colder, and the bare trees were silent.

The village crawled on the earth, and the roaring cold wind raged, making the cold night longer and slower.

This is not only the coldest period of the year, but also the solar term with cyclic changes at the end of the year.

It is more like the darkness before dawn, shouldering the important task of connecting the past and the future in the year.

Cold to the extreme, the cold air will no longer continue to accumulate.

Maybe it’s the philosophy of bitter and sweet, maybe it’s the philosophy of cold winter and cold spring.

In fact, the great cold is not only cold, cold, but also warm and affectionate.

You see, the cold wind is strong enough to make those hundred insect ovaries that have collected enough energy for three seasons freeze and die in the cold.

It also stopped invading trees and grass seedlings due to cold hibernation, so that they also have a supplement of regenerative nutrients.

it is said that; “Flowers and trees manage the season, and birds sing to report the agricultural time”.

Flowers, trees, birds, animals and birds are the spirits of nature, sensing the breath of nature.

These spiritual migratory birds move according to the changes of seasons.

They migrate regularly, which is regarded as an important symbol to distinguish seasonal and solar terms.

Standing in the cold, let a heart indulge in the dark cold of this winter.

Hibernate in the cold, embrace with words.

“Yurun bamboo in front of the window, plum in the flower garden”, winding the warm and soft warmth.

Listen to the sound of falling snow together.

The warmth of any wisp of warmth fades away in the cold winter and on the journey of blooming flowers in spring.

Warm the sun with a smile, sing the ballad of the rising of the clouds and the rising of the sun, stir the artistic conception of blue water and blue sky in the heart for a long time, and write the colorful story of life.

About the author: net name cyclist, from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province.

Like cycling, outdoor hiking and mountaineering.

He is fond of photography and travels all over the country and more than ten Eurasian countries.

Love literature, love to write travel notes, essays, poems, etc.

more than 100 articles have been published in newspapers and magazines, and occasionally won small awards-.