Ride Wuhou! Immersive experience of the beauty of the Greenway in the park city (with a nanny level riding tutorial)

It is said that there are only two types of bicycles in Chengdu: those who have been to the ring road and those who are eager to be ridden to the ring road.

As one of the “iron man triathlons” of Chengdu people, the ring road has long dominated the circle of friends of Chengdu people.

This year, the ring road has become one of the hottest outdoor leisure ways in the whole network.

It is a green road around the city ecological park built along the Fourth Ring Road around Chengdu, The greenway mainly passes through Wuhou District, Shuangliu District, Jinjiang District, Longquanyi District and Chenghua District, all of which have greenway entrances.

Wuhou people’s “immersive” greenway punch in notes Liu’s circle of friends showed too many beautiful pictures of the greenway.

One of them couldn’t help but join the cycling team.

Liu, a student at Wangjiang campus of Sichuan University, did not expect that he had evaded the “liufuhong girl”, but failed to resist the charm of riding along the greenway around Chengdu.

On the day when there was no class, after breakfast at 8 o’clock, Liu wiped sunscreen, put on her new sunglasses, packed up her cycling equipment, and set off from Wangjiang campus to Yuedong Cailin, where she will start her cycling journey.

The first stop for Liu is Tianfu Furong Park in Yuehu science and technology city park.

01 Tianfu Furong park.

Liu is near Tianfu Furong park.

The greenway shuttles through the vast fields and woods, which makes people relaxed and happy.

Along the way, you can not only enjoy the flowers and scenery, but also experience the lotus culture.

When the weather is fine, many tourists will come to Tianfu Furong garden to bask in the sun, picnic and camp, which is very pleasant.

When the sun shines, you will see green everywhere, empty yourself in the embrace of nature, and enjoy the peaceful and beautiful moment.

She thought she was well prepared.

She noticed that the cyclists here were more equipped.

Some wear masks, and some wear professional riding suits.

Looking down at his sports pants, Liu felt that he had made a mistake.

Classmate Liu’s greenway is not always flat.

Sometimes he goes uphill.

Sometimes he finds himself riding on the left side of the highway.

Sometimes he sees endless traffic passing under the bridge.

It’s a wonderful experience.

What surprised her even more was that although she had been in Chengdu for so many years, she thought she knew Chengdu and Wuhou well, but this green road cycling trip unlocked more beautiful experiences for her.

If Liu hadn’t come to ride, I wouldn’t have noticed these treasure parks and scenic spots.

It turns out that there are so many places in Wuhou that I haven’t unlocked them.

She frankly said that riding along the greenway gave her a real “immersive” opportunity to get in touch with nature, Wuhou and Chengdu.

Riding on this road, she was surrounded by scenery.

People passed through the scenery and followed the nature.

At the same time, she also noticed that a greenway around the city linked many popular scenic spots in Wuhou.

After Liu, my friends and I will be able to take pictures here.

The beautiful scenery along the way is full of green, singing birds and fragrant flowers.

Before I knew it, night had fallen.

Against the background of the city lights, the beauty of the greenway seems to be inlaid with the night pearl, bright and charming.

After experiencing the fragrance of flowers in Tianfu Furong garden, Liu came to the second stop – Shuiyun garden full of design feeling 02 Shuiyun garden in Wuhou.

Liu’s scenery along the way was very beautiful, especially in Shuiyun garden, there were many characteristic landscapes and full of design feeling, which were cured.

As a photography lover, she couldn’t help taking out her camera many times to record the beautiful scenery on the way.

Shuiyun garden is located at the junction of reception Temple interchange and Jiang’an River in Wuhou District.

The main entrance is located in the south of Wuxing Road, and the secondary entrance is located in yingyue street.

The whole scenic area is close to the Jiang’an River, with water as the main line and running through the continuous hills, forming a park with water as the theme.

“Water culture” is the theme of the water rhyme garden and the link connecting many elements of Tianfu culture.

Whether it’s a water transportation square or a magical water dance sound and light show, many areas in the park are built on the “water culture”.

Riding here is really a journey around Sichuan.

Up to now, Wuhou ring ecological park has built about 10.4 kilometers of first-class greenways and about 28 kilometers of other greenways.

About 4000 mu of ecological landscape has been built, including about 1200 mu of livable waterfront, about 800 mu of Tianfu Furong garden, and about 2000 mu of construction landscape of the municipal greenway company.

Wuhou District adheres to the people-centered principle of overall development and security.

It runs through the whole process of urban development, fully demonstrates the ecological value, promotes the construction of ecological civilization and economic and social development, promotes the interweaving and integration of urban style and park form, and makes the vision of a happy city shine into real life.

Are you excited to hear this? Knock on the blackboard!!! Xiaoyue brings you a super detailed tour of the greenway around the city.

Remember to forward and collect~ 👇👇 Nanny level greenway around the city (Wuhou section) riding tutorial [journey] There are more than 100 entrances along the greenway around the city in Chengdu.

It is recommended to use the Tianfu greenway applet to query the nearest entrances, or join the official recommended ride group to ride in groups with others.


recommended entrances of Wuhou section: ① Yuedong Cailin entrance of chengshuang Avenue (200m away from Jinhua post station of Chengdu greenway around the city, which is very convenient for renting bicycles) ② entrance of Tianfu Furong Garden (located at the back door of Furong garden, with several entrances) ③ entrance of West Road of South Railway station (located at the junction of West Road of South Railway Station and the third section of Wuhou Avenue) [equipment] Choose the right bike to ride..