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Forcing people to comply with morality is immoral in itself.

The essence of morality lies in autonomy, which is only suitable for asking for yourself, but not criticizing others.

Morality is better for self-discipline than all laws; To discipline him is worse than all selfishness.


When you jump out of this circle, you will find a thousand times better people.

As Gao Yuanyuan said: everyone says that there is no ideal man like you think in the world, but when I meet him, I find that my imagination is not rich enough.


If you want a different life, you need to recognize the material and slowly change your behavior.

Repeat the original cognition, the original behavior pattern, there will be no new changes.


Many times, we are not the same kind of people as our so-called friends.

It’s just that at some point in time, we appear in the same classroom.

People often think that others have an intersection with him or have an intersection with him, which is a kind of people.

In fact, this is a big misunderstanding.

We just meet and walk together at the same time and in the same space.

Finally, we will go to different ends, because each of us has different goals.

Everyone is just a passer-by in life.


The old man said, “the person who loves you most is not rushing to your light, but gently reaching out despite your embarrassment when he sees you struggling in the mud.” 6.

For this world, you are really not so important.

If one day you are gone, your departure will not affect your relatives and friends for more than three months.

Maybe even less than your dog misses you.

We need to live in the present and cherish what we have.

Do not be greedy, do not overstep.


“When I was 30 years old, I realized that we should pursue common friendship with common interests, not common interests with common friendship.

Because the latter collapses very quickly and cannot stand verification.” 8.

Ordinary people want to counter attack, is a long process.

Because you must first get rid of ordinary people and enter the threshold of counter attack, which may require the accumulation of several generations.

Do a good job for your generation, at least not so anxious.


The reason why people are anxious is largely because they set themselves an unrealistic and impossible goal.


Those who drowned in the river were good swimmers.

Those who lost a lot on the mahjong stage were originally good at playing cards.

Those who owe a lot of debt were originally very profitable.

Those who lost their wealth were originally rich overnight.

Those who get out of the workplace originally thought they couldn’t do without me.


Recommend a basic work recording method, called “KPT recording method”, which consists of three parts: Keep: the normal description of the business or project you are currently doing; Problem: the problem you encountered today; Try: what solution are you going to try tomorrow.

This recording method can not only help you form a clear work report and record your current work status, but also show the work difficulties in a clear hierarchy.

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