[ride the world 200] road book update, hotel guide! 2022 “the most beautiful Shaoguan · outdoor paradise” 200 km cycling activity will start

Background: the 2022 “the most beautiful Shaoguan · outdoor paradise” 200 km cycling activity aims to provide bicycle enthusiasts and motorcycle enthusiasts with an equal opportunity to challenge themselves.

There is no threshold for the activity.

All cyclists who love cycling, identify with the team spirit and dare to challenge themselves can participate in the activity.

This activity is provided with manual sign in, full picture live broadcast Professional outdoor rescue team and neutral equipment logistics support team participated in the activities.

The theme of this activity is to publicize the cooperative units, beautiful villages, natural scenery, etc., integrate the tourism resources, online popular scenic spots, characteristic farmhouse entertainment, cultural materials and other resources around Shaoguan, and publicize and promote them in the form of riding experience.

Guiding unit: Shaoguan culture, radio, television, tourism and Sports Bureau Guangdong self driving Tourism Association sponsor: Shaoguan self driving Tourism Association Shaoguan Hemei Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Undertaker: Shaoguan Yihe culture media Co., Ltd.

Shaoguan Auto World self driving Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen cycling world Cycling Association Co., Ltd.

organizer: Wujiang District culture, tourism and Sports Bureau, support unit of Shaoguan Olympic Park Culture and Tourism City: Nanling impression holding group Renhua Danxia Lingxi scenic spot, Shaoguan Yitong car service e-commerce Co., Ltd., Shaoguan TuXing Automobile Service Co., Ltd.

(tuhu yangche e Keng Bridge store), Shaoguan Yunfan advertising planning Co., Ltd., Shenzhen nuokan Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Henggang Street Cycling Association, Shenzhen Longgang Jihua Street Cycling Association, Shenzhen Yuanshan Street cycling Association Shenzhen Xiangjun film and television media Co., Ltd., Shenzhen automobile company Tianxia bicycle life center, Xiangjun knight, Dongguan Makro sports equipment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou trekcontigo club, Guangzhou lightning bicycle club, Fogang riding speed, cycling, Shaoguan self driving Tourism Association volunteer service team, Guangdong sound culture media Co., Ltd The official media of Shenzhen Western Knight Club, qimeng.com, the cooperative media, Guangdong TV sports channel, China bicycle.com, bicycle online, Qichuang Tianlu, today’s headlines, Sina Weibo, blackbird bike, Walker Time: sign in date: 14:00-19:00, June 4, 2022 activity date: 07:00-19:00, June 5, 2022 epidemic prevention requirements 1.

It is necessary to provide a nucleic acid negative test certificate within 24 hours (subject to the sign in date).


It is necessary to wear a mask to sign in and participate in the activities.


It is necessary to provide yuekang green code, travel card and valid ID card when signing in; 4.

When entering the site, the body temperature must be measured; 5.

The check-in time interval must be more than one meter.


Special note: please do not come to Shaoguan for the high and medium risk areas, as well as the sealing control, control area, prevention area, red code, yellow code, and those with stars in the journey.

Please understand! If I do not check the travel code or bring the star to the site, resulting in isolation or affected activities, I shall bear relevant legal responsibilities.


the organizing committee has the right to postpone or cancel the event due to non-human controllable factors such as epidemic situation, and the relevant notice will be announced in advance on the official website or official official account.

Activity time flow sheet date time content: June 4, 2022 Olympic Park Cultural Tourism City sign in at 14:00-19:00, play on June 5, 2022 Olympic Park Cultural Tourism City start and finish at 7:00, departure at 7:00-19:00, cycling activity at 20:00, end of activity route scheme: Traveler’s guidebook, guidebook number: 3194808, due to local requirements, the starting point is changed to Olympic Park Cultural Tourism City! Please drive in time.