Ride the West Guangdong ring road. The year of renyin (the second day, the mountain and the water)

On the first day of the lunar new year, I entered the mountain today.

The journey is 96km and takes 7.5 hours.

Heshan starts, passes through Hecheng, Zhaiwu, Shuanghe, shuitai, Rencun and Dongcheng, and arrives at Xinxing.

It’s a rainy day and a mountain road, which is very hard.

At dusk, I settled down in a hotel in Xinxing County, washed all the wind and rain and soaked in hot soup.

It’s cool! It’s good to have enough clothes to dry and cool.

Today’s route is g325 Guangnan line – Shuanghe highway – Caihongling tunnel – s273-s532-s297-s274-g359.

If you leave Heshan City and walk in a new direction, you will enter the mountain.

The road is basically rural and mountainous.

The road condition is very good, that is, uphill, downhill, uphill and downhill…

There are mountains, there is water, and there are many hot springs in the mountains.

There are many hot springs here when passing by shuitai town.

It’s not good to think about soaking your body and mind in the dense air after sweating and backache! Due to driving in the rain, I can only think about the Caihongling tunnel, which is the only tunnel I’ve ever been through today.

However, it’s very long, 5 kilometers long, and the heat of more than 20 degrees a few days ago is still left in the tunnel.

Compared with the bleak wind and cold rain outside, I really don’t want to come out in this warm tunnel.

When I meet a lion dance in Zhaiwu Town, I like the lion to celebrate the year of the tiger, which is a bit like a year.

The rain stops from time to time, All the way to the destination Xinxing County.

Xinxing, the hometown of the six ancestors, is a famous Zen city.

More than 1300 years ago, master Huineng got the mantle of Hongren, the fifth ancestor, and became the sixth generation master of Zen Buddhism.

Sometimes I think that the pleasure of riding does not worry about speeding, nor does it have the chance to copy cards, so I can come and go freely.

You can take the mount into your bedroom as a pet, or accompany it as a bosom friend, go up the top of the hill and linger in the fields.

“Bamboo sticks and sandals are lighter than horses”, “I see how charming the green mountains are, and I expect the green mountains to see me as well”.

Isn’t it also fast? About the sixth ancestor Huineng, I wrote an article a few years ago: in Nanhua temple, Zen came from here to advertise.

I have time to sit in my literary and entertainment world..