Ride the West Guangdong ring road. Renyin year (day 3, hometown of the sixth ancestor)

Today is a rainy day and a rest day.

In Xinxing, the hometown of the six ancestors, it is natural to feel the culture of the six ancestors.

People who do not understand Buddhism may be unfamiliar with the wisdom of the six ancestors.

They may not know that “Bodhi has no trees, and the mirror is not a platform.

There is nothing, where to provoke dust”.

This poem was written by the six ancestors.

Maybe I don’t know that “leaves fall to their roots” also comes from the sixth ancestor, and the allusion “due to sincerity, gold and stone open” also comes from the sixth ancestor.

If you don’t know the sixth ancestor, you may know the Fahai that pressed the white snake under the Lei Feng tower, because he is a disciple of the sixth ancestor.

I don’t know why the legend of the White Snake wrote the Fahai as an opposite angle, but Fahai has made great contributions in the history of Buddhism, because it is he who sorted out the lecture notes of the sixth ancestor into the Tan Jing, which can be passed on to the hometown of the sixth ancestor today, the Xinxing liuzu town in Yunfu, Guoen temple is a key cultural relics protection site in Guangdong Province.

It is known as the first holy land in the south of the five ridges.

It was founded in the first year of Hongdao of Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty (A.D.


It was named “Guoen Temple” in the third year of the Dragon of emperor Zhongzong of the Tang Dynasty.

It is the place where Master Huineng, the sixth ancestor of Chinese Buddhism, was born and passed away, and the place where the sixth ancestor’s magic weapon jar sutra was compiled.

It is one of the three ancestral chambers of Zen.

Guoen temple is built close to the mountain and rises next, The temple is divided into three parts.

The temple is composed of several main halls and side halls, such as Dharma protection hall, Mahavira hall, six ancestors hall and Yuantong hall.

There are also many scenic spots, such as gratitude tower, Zhuo Xiquan and Millennium ancient litchi.

The plaque “Lai ciguoen Temple” written by Wu Zetian hangs high above the gate of the temple, with incense lingering everywhere and an endless stream of worshippers.

Due to the epidemic, Guoen temple, Longtan Temple and the former residence of the sixth ancestor were closed.

I can only use the pictures on the Internet to enjoy it.

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The environment changes from the heart, and the phase is born from the heart.

There is a Buddha in my heart.

Reading is Buddha’s reading, seeing is Buddha’s seeing, and doing is Buddha’s doing.

I’m not a Buddhist, but it doesn’t prevent me from talking to the Buddha in my own way.

If there is a Buddha in my heart, I can enjoy it.

The Zen source lake, pavilions and pavilions, Yingqing Lake outside Guoen temple are beautiful, quiet and integrated into the scenery, Let the busy mind have a rest.

Seeing the mountain is the mountain and seeing the rain is the rain, you can feel the poetry it brings, not only the poetry, but also the Zen in the legend.

In front of the hollowed out image of the sixth ancestor and the water scenery without phase, you can experience the essence of Zen’s “no phase is the body”.

In front of the samadhi stage, a line of samadhi walks along the thousand Zen path, “no mind, no phase and no residence”, and feel that the green trees you ask for are Dharma bodies, Gloomy yellow flowers are nothing more than Prajna.

One flower, one world, one tree and one Bodhi.

Looking at the gratitude tower in Guoen temple and Longtan Temple in the distance, it is at the foot of the back mountain and by the Longtan Lake.

The former site of Longtan Temple used to be the place where the sixth ancestor and his mother Li lived from 644 to 665 ad.

its predecessor was the former residence of the sixth ancestor.

Thinking of an allusion, the Buddha asked his disciples, what is the most precious in the world? The disciple said, “lost and not gained.” The Buddha does not speak after listening.

After several years, the world has changed dramatically.

The Buddha asked him again.

This time, the disciple replied that the most precious thing in the world is to have it right now.

Yes, the most precious thing is to have it right now.

Just like at this time, far from the noise of the city, after the empty mountains and new rain, you can enjoy this landscape alone, and your happiness is unspeakable.

In the hometown of the sixth ancestor, you meet Buddha, Zen and yourself…

Ride the West Guangdong ring road.

In the year of renyin (the second day, one journey by mountain and one journey by water) ride the small ring road in western Guangdong.

Renyin tiger year (the first day, the end of Xin Chou year) Nanhua temple, Zen comes from here..