Ride the North Taihu Lake as freely as the wind

🚲🚲🚲 Some people say that early summer is the best time to ride.

Breathe fresh air in the verdant North Taihu Lake, smell the fragrance of soil beside the endless green grass, and feel the cool summer wind under the mottled green shade…

The summer beauty of Wangting has been in place.

Let’s start riding in early summer while the weather is still warm! Please accept this recommendation for summer riding and sightseeing! Summer wind sings the beauty of nature through the village 📍 Wusijing road → huting road → Jinshatan road riding on the country road of wusijing Road, the road is covered with trees, breathing the faint fragrance of grass carried by the soil, and the mood also flies.

In a lush environment, there are birds and insects chirping in your ears.

You can ride slowly in the shade of trees.

Full marks for comfort! On these roads, you will always encounter different surprises, or encounter a verdant wild chrysanthemum on the roadside, or meet elegant flowers with a wide view full of natural tranquility.

Shared single car parking 📍 Wanghu Bay Public Bicycle station listens to the bursts of whistle accompanied by the cool wind of the canal 📍 Yuting road → Mayi road cycling road is accompanied by pleasant original ecological scenery.

Passing the ancient and unique Canal Park, you can feel the profound historical and cultural atmosphere.

The flourishing Verbena is like purple clouds in clusters.

It has a faint fragrance and is slightly drunk.

Through the humid air, the amiable “canal flavor” is a prominent sign of the pavilion.

At the side of the Grand Canal, passing ships occasionally whistle.

Let the river wind roar in your ears, and you can feel the relaxation and comfort of your heart.

Shared single car parking 📍 Wangting Shuangbai bridge public bicycle station always takes a long ride along the lake in summer 📍 On one side of the North Taihu Avenue → changzhouyuan wetland reserve is the lakeside scenery of nearly seven kilometers, and on the other side is the vast expanse of fertile fields and scattered natural villages.

There is a taste of Jiangnan and a comfortable life everywhere.

Surrounded by wild flowers, you can ride on the North Taihu Avenue, feel the local customs of the North Taihu Lake, and enjoy the water and the sky.

Stop on the way, or overlook the lake and the sky, or overlook the billows of the lake at your feet.

The sunset reflected the sunset glow, the breeze blew over the lake, and the sound of the tide rippled into the clouds, all of which made my heart quiet and comfortable.

The fatigue of riding along the way also drifted away with the lake.

Shared single car parking 📍 At the Yutian farm public bicycle station, pick up a sunny day, meet a couple of friends, ride their bikes to catch up with the sunset, let the summer wind blow away all the troubles, and start the beautiful summer preface of the Wangting ~ source: the party and government office, hejiajiao village editor: wangxuehua shared some praise points..