Ride the mountains and seas to start the journey of national day!

The beauty of Huanhai Road is too easy to drive and enjoy, and the walking time is too long.

Riding is the best way! Huancui District has an excellent cycling route, which is the Jingzi Dragon King Temple – Half Moon Bay.

This section of Huanhai Road is called “Mountain Back” by Weihai.

It is also the main section of the previous Weihai Triathlon Cycling Race, and is recognized by domestic and foreign cycling experts as the most beautiful, professional and challenging section.

There are many natural scenic spots along this route, including Maotou Mountain, Black Island, Half Moon Bay, Qingdao, Huangdao, Lianlin Island and other islands around, which are known as the Taohuayuan along the urban coastline.

Riding along the winding coastline, the left side is covered with lush and undulating mountains, and the right side is covered with blue waves and small waves of the sea.

During your journey, you can enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery embraced by mountains and seas.

There are many platforms for people to rest on the Huanhai Road.

On the platform, there are tables, chairs, colorful paintings full of ocean style, or the sea viewing platform extending downward all the way.

You can also choose a place to rest after riding.

Mountain and sea are on the side, accompanied by the fragrance of flowers, and the sound of waves and seagulls is all around my ears.

Riding on this section of the road, you will feel that you are integrated with nature, especially relaxed and comfortable.

Stop and go along the way.

Whether you are attracted by the unique scenery or immersed in the collision of rocks and the sea, you will find the beauty neglected in your busy life during this cycling journey.

Let’s go and listen to the harmony of nature played by the sea! Have a wild ride on the Huanhai Road! The poem you want and the distance are on the way…