Ride the Mohe River to explore the north — the seventh day of July 23, 2022

On the seventh day of the north seeking trip (July 23), there was only one big slope 112 kilometers from Pangu Town to Mohe River, and the rest was a smooth journey.

make smooth reading.

Arrive at Mohe in the morning for a rest and visit in the afternoon.

I still got up at 3:00 a.m.

as planned.

After cleaning up, the team leader found that the riding gloves were missing.

He searched the whole room but couldn’t find them.

It was estimated that the room had been eaten.

Arrived at yesterday’s small restaurant, the steaming steamed buns had been prepared.

The boss had made five fillings of each kind, and the best one was the potherb fillings.

It was estimated that they had not been eaten, so I felt delicious.

I wanted to eat again, I regret that yesterday I should ask the boss to make more steamed buns filled with wild vegetables.

The Pangu Kaitiandi Sculpture under construction at the intersection of Pangu entering the town has fog rising every morning in the forest area.

Soft wind gently brushed my chest, unknown birds sang beautiful songs, and wisps of sunshine gently kissed my face, quietly covering my heart.

Drunken Taiping rides with the sun blowing on his cheeks, which is not cold.

Yaoqi challenges the world and ignites the passion.

Long distance bumpy, happy mood.

Describing beautiful poems, showing the grand view of riding.

The second brother didn’t take a good photo to give him a close-up.

This is a little bee who has been working hard all the way.

Gao Lego, the chief manager of the house.

Chatting with roadside maintenance workers in Changying, we learned that from the newly built road S218 in Changying, we can directly go to Longjiang First Bay Scenic Area and Xing’an Town.

Self driving tourists can travel from Mohe to Arctic Village, Beihong Village, Longjiang First Bay and Xing’an Town, and then go out from Changying to take a loop line.

Do you know what the roadside pillars are for? There is a place to eat and stay in Amur Town.

You can stay in Amur Town instead of having a rest in Pangu yesterday, and you can choose to have a rest in Amur next time.

The Amur River is the main source of the Emur River.

It is formed when it joins the Dalin River and the Laochao River (Laocao River) in the east of Xilinji Town, Mohe County.

Amur River originates from Baotou Mountain, Yangshan Mountain and Fengshui Mountain on the north slope of the Great Khingan Mountains, flows south-north to Amur Town, turns westward, and joins Dalin River and Laochao River (Laocao River) on the north side of Xilinji Town.

It is called the Emur River.

The main stream has a total length of 130 kilometers, a drainage area of 2280 square kilometers, a river width of 70 meters, and a water depth of 1~1.5 meters.

The Amur language of Oroqen means “high mountain”.

On the other hand, Amur is the Oroqen language, meaning “black water”.

The warm sunshine shuttles through the breath of the tiny gap, comfortable and long.

The fragrance of pine trees permeates the sky, filling all the emptiness between heaven and earth.

Under the sun, there is a fine dust Mo, whispering innocence, filled with the once unfathomable solitary and elegant shadow.

Arriving at the gate of Mohe County proves that today’s destination is about to arrive.

After entering Mohe City, a few kilometers away from my accommodation, my front tire of my bike got stuck in the prize.

This is the second time we got stuck in the tire on the way, which is very lucky.

With everyone’s efforts, we stuck the tire and started again.

Finally arrived at the destination.

Perseverance does not mean success; But if you don’t persist, you are doomed to failure.

Success and persistence are indispensable! The hotel Mohe stayed in was Wanxin Hotel 0457-2865666.

The captain booked the room online in advance.

The price was reasonable and the environment was beautiful.

The Sino Russian International Trade City, the May 6th Fire Memorial Hall and the Pine Garden were not far away from the left, and the Polaris Square was not far away from the right, which was very convenient.

The May 6th Memorial Hall of the Great Khingan Mountains.

Because of the renovation and closure, I regret that I did not see the furnishings in the museum.

Closing the museum in the peak tourist season is not a wise choice.

I can only take a photo outside the museum as a souvenir.

A fire on May 6, 1987 burned more than 1 million hectares of trees in the Great Khingan Mountains, and the loss of national property cannot be estimated.

The Memorial Hall of the Great Khingan Mountains on May 6 was specially set up for the purpose of reflecting on this major disaster.

It is hoped that people can play a positive warning role in all aspects of forest fire prevention, forest resources and ecological protection.

The existence of forests makes human life better and is an indispensable important resource on the earth.

Songyuan: The inscription “Songyuan” by Chen Lei, former governor of Heilongjiang Province.

Songyuan Park is located in the center of Mohe County.

When the county was first built in 1971, a piece of virgin forest was reserved in the center of the county for tourists to watch and purify the atmosphere of the city.

It was built as Songyuan Park in 1983.

The park is 282 meters long from east to west, 182 meters wide from south to north, and covers an area of 51324 square meters.

The total forest stock in the park is 400 cubic meters.

The main tree species are Pinus sylvestris var.

mongolica and Larix gmelini, of which there are many Pinus sylvestris var.

mongolica, accounting for 95%.

As this forest is located on the gentle slope of the valley, it grows together with the Rhododendron Xing’an, also known as the Rhododendron Larch Forest.

Xing’an Rhododendron, commonly known as Dazixiang, is also known as Manshanhong and Yingshanhong.

This kind of plant only grows in the high latitude and cold regions.

It blooms in May every spring.

Every time the flowers bloom, the park becomes a sea of flowers, green trees and red flowers.

It is so beautiful.

There are two garden gates in the east and west of the park.

The west garden gate is the main gate, with the inscription “Pine Garden” written by Chen Yu, the former governor of Heilongjiang Province, and painted murals on both sides.

The whole park is covered with trees and flowers.

The park is built with paths in the forest and stone tables and wooden chairs.

It is one of the few original forest parks in the city in China.

When the May 6 fire broke out in 1987, the Songyuan Park miraculously escaped the fire, which everyone said was amazing.

Because there were mosques, latrines, cemeteries and other places not burning in Mohe, people summarized that: the Songyuan Park did not burn, because of the auspicious place, the fire devil could not bear it; The mosque does not burn, because Allah’s majesty, the fire devil dare not; The latrine does not burn, because the fire devil disdains the dirty place; The graveyard is not burned, because ghosts and spirits belong to the same family, and the fire devil does not commit.

There is a marble tablet named “Songyuan Record” in the park to record this..

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