Ride the longest seashore plank road in the world! Juvenile cycling, outdoor sports

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Weekend Camp | Independent Camp for Growth Series | Day Study World Parent Child Camp.

How strong are 8-year-old children’s physical abilities? How many sections can you challenge when going uphill and downhill? Tired, can you persist? The most beautiful coast ride Yantian Seaside Plank Road Forest Mountain YANTIAN Seaside Dock Forest Green Road Yantian Seaside Plank Road, a total length of 19.5 kilometers, known as the world’s longest “seaside jade belt”, we choose the most essence 11 kilometers 🔜 Starting from the wharf, crossing the forest greenway and urban life line along the coastline of Boguangli, and arriving at Beizai Cape 🔜 Coastline library small class to learn tire repair knowledge…

enrich the fun day 01 course highlights Mountain bikes customized for children, easy wind chasing~riding skills to deal with the shift and gear shifting skills of climbing and downhill safety guarantee Teacher ratio 1:6, professional riding protective gear+customized outdoor magic scarf sports warm-up exercise teaching, cultivate healthy sports awareness~sign language teaching, Cultivate children’s outdoor common sense~interpret outdoor signs, ensure safety, and become civilized pursuers! The teaching of mending fetus cultivates the ability to solve problems independently.

02 Enrollment information Recruitment period: October 22, October 30 Recruitment target: children aged 8 years and above (the height should be more than 1 meter 2, and they must have a basic riding skill!) Gathering place: Exit D of Gaoxinyuan Subway Station (8:30 assembly)/Exit F2 of Children’s Palace Subway Station (9:00 assembly) Teacher ratio: 1:6 to protect children’s safety! Number of people in a group: 15 people in a group, 30 people in a group.

Course price: 499/person.

Preferential policy: 50 yuan/person for 2-3 people, 60 yuan/person for 4 people and above; The expenses include: lunch, bus, mountain bike, protective equipment, team leader and coach fees, teaching assistants, course route research and development fees, insurance, headscarf, materials and other travel modes: bus travel (considering that there is no subway to the distribution center, and it is far from the city center, bus travel is unified) Travel bag list: sports clothes, outdoor riding shoes (or hard soled sports shoes), backpacks You can bring your own bottle of water (water will be distributed twice during the drive) and prepare snacks.

Yantian Seashore Greenway 11km ◆.