Ride the lighthouse of Liuxu and watch the sunrise

On September 10, 2022, I got up at 3:30 a.m., left home at 4:10 a.m., and arrived at Aubon Square at 4:35 a.m.

to participate in the sunrise activity of riding the Six Poles Lighthouse organized by Yangzhou Cycling Association.

According to the statistics of group photos, 26 riders participated in today’s cycling activity.

Before 4:40, the riders arrived at the assembly place ahead of time.

We chatted while waiting for the riders to arrive and then took photos! According to the requirements of the association, strictly abide by the traffic rules to ensure the safety of riding activities.

This is a snapshot of riders passing the green light intersection quickly.

I saw the red light shining above the lighthouse from a long distance, and I didn’t see it until I reached it! Liuxu lighthouse, 66.9m high and 6.5m in diameter, is known as the “No.1 lighthouse for navigation aids on inland rivers in China”, and its height and technology rank first in inland rivers in China.

Liuwei Lighthouse was originally built in 1986 as a tower shaped position indicator with Chinese characteristics.

Later, due to the increasing number of wharfs and factory buildings along the Yangtze River and the complex background light, the tower’s sight distance and light range could not meet the requirements of ship navigation.

It was rebuilt into the current lighthouse in 2006 and officially put into use in February 2008.

Although the new lighthouse looks similar to other lighthouses, its height and scientific and technological content rank first in China’s inland river beacon lighthouse, and it is a new beacon lighthouse full of the flavor of the times.

According to reports, the tip of Liuxu lighthouse is 66.9 meters high, which means the Jiangsu section of the Beijing Hangzhou Canal is 669 kilometers long; The diameter of the beacon lantern is 6.5 meters, the light quality is red Morse “H” flash, the light source of the lamp is the first in China, using a special arc LED combination module, the diameter of the luminous circle is more than 4 meters, and the height is 1.50 meters.

It is the largest and longest range LED surface light source for inland navigation beacon in the world today.

This lamp is the first time to apply the principle of light superposition.

It organically combines 6480 LED light emitting tubes with corresponding magnifying lenses, so that ships sailing along the Yangtze River can accurately find the location of the Liuwei Estuary of the Beijing Hangzhou Canal 10 kilometers away, no matter in the daytime or at night.

Liuwei Lighthouse is located at the Liuweikou of the Yangtze River downstream of the Xuyang section of the Beijing Hangzhou Canal (from Linjiaba in Xuzhou to Liuweikou in Yangzhou).

The Xuyang section of the Beijing Hangzhou Canal is responsible for the strategic task of timely transit and distribution of bulk materials in the important economic areas of the Yangtze River Delta, as well as the transportation of coal from north to south.

It is the main waterway that runs through the north and south of Jiangsu.

The Liuweikou of the Yangtze River, located at the downstream of the Xuyang section of the canal, has always been known as the “Ghost of Sorrow” in the industry.

The 6.5km long channel from Liuweikou of the Yangtze River to Shiqiao Shiplock is basically composed of soil slopes on both sides.

The soil on the slopes is continuously sliding due to the wave scouring of ships, resulting in the narrowing of the original 70m secondary channel bottom width and the elevation of the riverbed, which is far from the ideal state of channel section.

Before the transformation, traffic jam often occurred here.

Liuwei Lighthouse, located at the “cross” intersection of the Yangtze River and the Beijing Hangzhou Canal, provides a reliable security guarantee for ships to enter and exit the Liuwei Gate of the Beijing Hangzhou Canal safely, and is the “golden waterway” of the Yangtze River and an important navigation aid sign of the Beijing Hangzhou Canal.

The first appearance of the sun was not so spectacular, but it was a little shy and gentle.

On the way back, I took pictures of the beautiful scenery and weak rays along the way.

The following photos are taken by riders.

They are included in the beautiful articles for everyone to save and enjoy (if there are any photos that you don’t want to put in the beautiful articles, please tell me to delete them immediately).

Join us if you are alone on the road.

If you are new to cycling.

If you can’t find a partner.

If you can’t find an organization.

Then come to the association.

We are not strangers, we do not shake, we just ride.

Don’t be afraid that you can’t ride, because we are a professional finishing team.

Don’t be afraid that you will get lost, because we will all be waiting for you in the front.

Don’t be afraid that you will be laughed at if you are a novice.

Here, everyone is a novice.

You have a flat tire.

I’ll fix it for you.

Her helmet is not wearing correctly.

Please help her to correct it.

There are no fixed routes and no restrictions on vehicles.

If you are in a bad mood today, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s find a strong route to vent ourselves.

If you are not in good condition today, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s find a good route and ride to see the scenery.

Gloves, helmets and flashlights should be worn.

Audio, sunglasses and flash lights are not limited.

One person can ride very fast, and a group of people can ride very far.

Come on.

Join us Please add Chairman Wang Xuehui’s WeChat account: 13004308881.

The vehicles and equipment for pulling you into Group2 can be road bikes, mountain bikes, recreational bikes and other bicycles, but it is not recommended to use ordinary vegetable shopping carts.

In terms of equipment, you must wear helmets, gloves, front lights, rear lights, spare tires, and drinking water.

You must wear cycling clothes, portable gas cartridges, crowbars, sports glasses, magic scarves, and change.


In principle, the participants of the activity must be persons with full capacity.

Teenagers with no capacity or limited capacity need to participate in the activity with the consent of their guardians and accompanied by them.

If the riders intentionally conceal their true age, they shall bear the legal liability.


For the happiness of you and your family, please do not ride after drinking; Drunken cycling is strictly prohibited.

The event organizer has the right to dissuade and refuse the participants from participating in the event if they find that they are drunk.

If they persist in riding, it is a personal act, and the event organizer will no longer bear any legal responsibility for them after fulfilling the obligation of reminding and dissuading.


The participants of the event should ensure that the source of vehicles used by individuals is legal, and do not purchase or use stolen or robbed vehicles.

If the vehicles used are found to be stolen or robbed vehicles, the legal liability has nothing to do with the event organizer..