Ride the landscape Qiandao Lake and take pictures of rape flowers in Wuyuan

A hearty journey through the broken wind Wuyuan, a beautiful country in China and a paradise for cycling in China Qiandao Lake Qiandao Lake Qiandao Lake is the lake with the largest number of islands in the world.

Qiandao Lake has clear water and beautiful scenery.

The islands are dotted like stars.

The thick fog rolls in the morning and evening, like a fairyland, and the cool air strikes people.

It is a leisure summer resort at home and abroad.

The advantaged environment of Qiandao Lake has become a popular destination for many riding enthusiasts.

The scenery along the way is beautiful and dotted with sporadic ancient villages, crossing mountains, tunnels, mountains and lakes.

When watching professional riders passing by you, are you ready to have a hearty wind breaking trip in the embrace of mountains and rivers! Qiandao Lake beer town: Qiandao Lake beer town, with the architectural style of a typical European town, is close to Qiandao Lake brewery and beer museum.

A tourist resort and Leisure Town integrating accommodation, catering, beer carnival, beer hot spring and beer culture.

Viewing platform viewing platform is located at the top of Tianyu mountain of Qiandao Lake in Hangzhou.

It looks at the Central Lake area of Qiandao Lake in the West and the harbor scenery of Qiandao Lake Bridge in the north.

From the viewing platform, you can overlook the beautiful Shanwan Lake in the Northwest Lake area of Qiandao Lake, and the Jasper island of “Qiandao Lake Bridge” has a clear view.

In 1959, in order to build the Xin’anjiang hydropower station, the largest water control project at that time, wanghong lighthouse was submerged under the blue waves overnight, which made Qiandao Lake beautiful.

It not only reproduces the most prosperous East Street and North Street in Lion City, but also reproduces seven famous memorial archways in ancient Lion City, such as Yao’s, merit archway and chastity archway.

This unique Memorial street has also become a real real museum of memorial archway culture in Jiangnan, China.

The most representative dish of Wenyuan lion city is the fish head of Qiandao Lake.

With superior natural environment, it has created the national first-class water body of Qiandao Lake and is praised as “the first beautiful water in the world”.

High quality water resources have made rich fishery resources.

Eating fish in Qiandao Lake has become another business card of Chun’an.

This trip into Chun’an Qiandao Lake, looking for the famous Qiandao Lake fish feast.

Wuyuan scenic spot Wuyuan is one of the six counties in ancient Huizhou and one of the birthplaces of Huizhou culture.

Wuyuan, known as the “hometown of books” and “hometown of tea”, is known as “the most beautiful village in China”.

Wuyuan’s scenic spots revolve around its villages.

The most famous are rape flowers and Hui style buildings.

The beauty of the countryside lies in the natural harmony.

Now, Wuyuan tourism has formed three high-quality tourism routes in the East, West and North.

Tourists can experience Wuyuan’s gentle landscape town scenery and its profound Huizhou culture in the scenic spots of different routes//// [Jiangling rape flower] as the representative work of pastoral scenery in “the most beautiful countryside in China”, Jiangling scenery is not only a world-class photography base, but also a perfect display of “harmony between man and nature” due to the reasonable layout of ancient trees, rivers, terraces, farmhouses and crops.

In particular, the people on the top of the mountain have become the background of Jiangling scenery.

Looking into the distance, white walls and black tiles are covered between yellow flowers and green trees, and bursts of clouds and mist float, as if heaven and earth//// 【 Qingyuan on foot 】 the canyon here is deep and secluded, as wide as the pan valley of Taihang and as beautiful as the Taoyuan of Wuling.

It is located on the top of thousands of mountains, blocking the outside and overflowing the middle.

It is a place chosen by the ancestors to avoid chaos for several times and is known as a small Taoyuan.

In the ancient pavilion of “another day” at the entrance of Qingyuan village, there is still an ancient saying “the empty mountain lies hidden in the mist, the water is blocked, the boat and land are not cars, the army and horses in the central plains are in chaos, and my family is deep in Taoyuan”.

There is a couplet on both sides of the gate of the original Pavilion, which reads “the cars and horses are absolutely noisy.

Recalling the three paths of our predecessors, there are different happy feelings and traces.

Taojing Festival and the sound of chickens and dogs are heard, but the four people here are safe, blocking falling flowers is like Wulingyuan”.

The horizontal couplet is “deep in Taoyuan”.

It is said that Qingyuan ancient village is a small Taoyuan, which also comes from this//// [morning mist in stone city] the beauty of Wuyuan stone city lies in the beautiful morning mist, the curling cooking smoke, the millennium old maple and the white wall and black tile.

Stone city is a scenic spot discovered by photographers, and it is also a punch in resort for photographers..