Ride the beautiful Nangang and feel the creative track | the registration of the fourth Hefei cycling League open in 2022 is open!

As autumn approaches, the annual Hefei cycling League is rebooted from the expectation of spring to the wild interest of early autumn.

Registration for the 2022 fourth Hefei cycling League open is open! The 2022 fourth Hefei cycling League mountain bike open is the oldest mountain bike event held in Hefei.

I will meet you again on September 4 in Nangang, Shushan, Hefei, Anhui Province.

This local traditional race has been held for four consecutive years.

It is divided into two race groups: adult mountain bike race and children’s and youth mountain bike race.

The race track is located in the closed loop of Huihang mountain bike park in Nangang, Shushan.

The race track covers an area of 530 Mu and has a total length of 7.1 kilometers.

A variety of track technology points are set up to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside, hear the bamboo trees and birds, and taste the old streets of the ancient town.

Accompanied by beautiful scenery along the way, I experienced the pleasure of mountain riding.

Surrounding scenery: xiaolingnan / fenghuangdun / Caocao river / the source of Hefei “xiaolingnan” is the south of Junling, located in Xiaomiao Town, Shushan district.

It is located in the Jianghuai watershed, adjacent to the Tanggang site of Jiming mountain in the East, Houqiao reservoir in Kunlun Mountain in the south, Chuhe River main canal scenic belt in the west, and the Three Kingdoms Heritage Park in the north; It is 25 kilometers away from the main urban area of Hefei and 10 kilometers away from Xinqiao airport.

The area has high-quality landscape resources such as Jiming mountain, “the source of Hefei”, Caocao River, Chuhe main canal, Dashushan main canal, Tanggang culture, Three Kingdoms culture, water transport culture, and cultural and folk resources such as head throwing lion, general temple and fenshuitian.

At the same time, there are 14 natural villages in the District, which are typical traditional villages of Jianghuai culture.

Xiaolingnan scenic area, with its unique topography, fresh natural scenery and profound agricultural culture, attracts a batch of tourists to come to watch and play.

Phoenix pier: located on the South Bank of the ancient canal site of Cao Cao, it is proved to be a Han tomb.

The terrain of the tomb is very similar to the image of “phoenix”.

It is said that the two concubines of Cao Cao were buried in the tomb.

It is now the “immovable cultural relics protection point”.

With an elevation of 73.2 meters, it is the highest point of the Hefei section of the Jianghuai watershed.

Standing on the Phoenix pier, you can see Jiming mountain, Dashu mountain and Xiaoshu mountain at a glance.

The south side of the tomb is divided into paddy fields, and the water flows on both sides belong to the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River.

The source of Hefei: “the source of Feishui” is now generally believed to be derived from the four identifications of the Lujiang River (volume 792 of the text of the whole Tang Dynasty) written by Lu pan of the Tang Dynasty, “Feishui flows out of Jiming mountain, flows about 20 miles north, and divides into two”, and Feishui “travels ten miles east through Jiming mountain, and meets the Dongshui of Changgang (Gang) store in the north”.

The water on the north slope of the Jianghuai watershed flows into the Huaihe River through Shouxian County, which is called Dongfei river.

The water on the south slope flows into Chaohu Lake through Hefei City, and finally flows into the Yangtze River, which is called Nanfei River, also called Shishui river.

The source of the Nanfei River belongs to Shushan district from the administrative division.

In addition, the Tanggang ancient cultural site of 5000 years ago has been excavated here to prove the conclusion that Shushan district is the source of Hefei.

Smart track: with a total length of 10 kilometers, the smart track is the first “red smart track” in the province.

It is full of red culture and party history culture, including the spirit of red boat, Jinggangshan spirit, Dabie mountain spirit, Xiaogang spirit and other spiritual lineages of the party.

It provides participants and the general public with an immersive sports experience of learning party history knowledge and understanding the red spirit.

Lingnan post station: in combination with the existing residential houses, some new buildings are enclosed into a courtyard to reflect the Jianghuai style.

The existing three storey residential houses are shared for reconstruction and expansion.

18 rooms are designed for tourists to enjoy sightseeing and rest.

Maiji homestay: a rural homestay named after Maizi, only 10 kilometers away from Hefei City, only half an hour by car; The courtyard is spacious and bright, and the beds are rich, meeting the needs of family gatherings and corporate group building; Each room has a large glass window, which frames the unique scenery and integrates people with the countryside; Housekeeper service, live as you like and feel the warmth of home; Bigmaggie bar, let everything return to the original; Bigmaggie infinity pool is rippling in the sun; Details of the event announcement: the theme of the event is to ride the beautiful Nangang and experience the creative track race time and place: August race time / type: September 4, 2022 – adult group Mountain Bike Team Relay Race September 4, 2022 – children and young people’s groups race place: liangdun village, Nangang town, Shushan District, Hefei City, Anhui Province supplementary note 1 ► adult group relay group, each team shall have at least one female driver, and each team shall complete one lap, and the relay shall complete four laps, The female contestants start from the last group, and the total relay time of the four is the time of the team.

If one or more players fail to finish the match, the team’s performance will not be counted.

If the competition group is less than 10, the reorganization of the competition will be cancelled.

2 ► if there are less than 8 people in each group of children and adolescents, the competition of this group will be cancelled.

Special attention: 1 ► players must wear number plates according to the competition regulations, and must wear helmets throughout the competition.

2 ► you can wear glasses, watches and other safety articles during the competition, but you are not allowed to carry or wear wine bottles, glass containers, music players and other items that affect the competition or safety.

3 ► players under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their legal guardians and provide written guarantees.

4 ► contestants should be engaged in cycling for a long time and must have good health conditions suitable for this competition.

It is required to be physically healthy, without any physical disease or obstacle affecting the competition, such as vision, hearing, language, fever, cold, heart disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, cerebral embolism, etc., and to be psychologically healthy and emotionally stable, and not to take any drink, alcohol, medicine, food or health products that affect the mind.

The organizer of the competition has the right to prohibit competitors who are not suitable for the competition.

5 ► active and retired athletes registered with China Cycling Association for less than 2 years are not allowed to participate in the [mountain cross-country (August 28)] competitions.

If the result is found to be cancelled.

6 ► the contestant shall sign the disclaimer when signing in before the competition.

The signatory shall be the same as the contestant, and the minor shall be signed by the parent or legal guardian..