Ride the beautiful Nangang and feel the creative track photo collection of the fourth Hefei cycling League 2022

The 2022 fourth Hefei cycling League mountain bike open is the oldest mountain bike event held in Hefei.

I will meet you again on September 4 in Nangang, Shushan, Hefei, Anhui Province.

This local traditional event has been held for four consecutive years.

It is divided into two categories: adult mountain bike race and children’s and youth mountain bike race.

The race track is located in the closed loop of Huixing mountain bike park in Nangang, Shushan.

The track covers an area of 530 Mu and has a total length of 7.1 kilometers.

There are many kinds of track technology points.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside, hear the singing of bamboo trees and birds, and taste the old streets of a century old town.

Accompanied by beautiful scenery along the way, I experienced the happiness of mountain riding.

On September 4, after two hours of fierce competition, the 2022 Hefei cycling league competition came to a successful conclusion.

More than 100 adult, children and youth cycling enthusiasts gathered in Nangang Town, Shushan district to show the unique charm of mountain bikes with speed and passion.

As the starting gun sounded, the riders wearing streamlined helmets and colorful cycling clothes rushed out of the starting point like arrows leaving the strings and began the journey of chasing each other.

They sweat on the winding track, ride through the country roads, pass through the mountains and forests, strive for their dreams, and “gallop” like the wind, becoming a flowing landscape.

The venue of this event is located in Qile Park, Nangang Town, Shushan district.

The total length of the track is about 5 kilometers.

The whole track is a dirt road.

It is a high-speed track as a whole.

At the same time, there are many technical points, which not only test the driver’s control of the vehicle, but also test the driver’s awareness of speed change and sufficient physical strength.

Each team has a total of 4 people and is composed of at least one female player.

The No.

1 and No.

2 players of each team send out at the same time.

After one cycle of riding, the relay reorganized No.

3 and No.

4 players complete the last cycle of riding.

The achievement standard is the minimum arrival time of the last player of each team.

In the end, team 2 of Huixing team, Huainan leading wind racing team, and team 1 of Lujiang bicycle won the first, second, and third place of the team Shao Ziyang, Chen Yinran, Han Zixuan, Wang Xiyuan (female), Li Mingze and Wang Ruixi in U11 group, Gao Yuanxi, Li Shijun, Yang zongxiao and vatti in U6 group won the first, second and third places respectively.

Finally, I would like to thank all the parents of the riders for their strong support for this race.

Special thanks: the mailman students sponsored Huainan leading wind racing bicycle club Lujiang Bicycle Club Fengtai Huaishang Pearl Club lie, refused to sponsor the club Fengfeng Biao team fun cycling club wealthy bicycle team big name youth club, provincial sports center balance room, Wukong children’s sports hall: if you need the original photo, you can click the link below to create it by yourself.