Ride on the most beautiful coastal highway and sea highway

“Stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the embrace of nature” Vietnam Sea Cloud channel location: Vietnam Recommendation Index: ★★★☆☆ the new famous host Jeremy Clarkson once said that Vietnam Sea Cloud channel is an “abandoned perfect rainbow”.

This is one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world.

From Da Nang to hue, highway 1 is 60 miles long, and this 13 mile long passage passes through the lush coastal mountains in central Vietnam.

Starting from Da Nang, ride northeast, past the 3845 foot high peak of aivanson mountain and the ancient French fortress full of bullet marks.

It was opened in 1989 and is about 8 kilometers long.

It connects 17 small islands with 8 bridges.

The road was hit by 12 storms during the construction process.

Originally a toll road, it took only 10 years to recover the cost and become free.

Later, it was listed as Norway’s “cultural heritage”, “national scenery Road”, known as “Norwegian century architecture” and “one of the best road travel destinations in the world”.

A slip road was opened in 2005.

Most office workers like to walk from there, so you are likely to be able to ride on this road alone.

During the ride, you can park at the top of the passage and photograph the green coast.

You can also photograph the blue South China Sea from 1600 feet high.

Riding on the Haiyun Road, you can understand the reason why it is called “Sea Cloud channel”: it is the dividing line between the north and the south.

If you come here in winter, you can feel the great difference between the wet and cold in hue and the dry temperature in Da Nang.

Because of the development of the new branch road, it is gradually abandoned by people.

But its beauty never stops.

Atlantic highway location: Norway location: 18km west of Christensen, Norway coordinate: 63 ° 0’52.76 “n, 7 ° 20’11.13” W Recommendation Index: ★★★★★★★ Norwegian Atlantic highway is a section of Norwegian county 64 highway, with a total length of 5 miles and full of the unique charm of the western Gulf.

The road was opened in 1989.

Starting from 2 miles to the west, seven bridges zigzag to the west, connecting the scattered islands in the sea of Norway to vevang.

Of the seven bridges, the skybridge, located two miles east of vevang, is the most famous.

It is also called “the bridge to the unknown”.

The twists and turns of the bridge make people marvel at the ingenious design of this building.

When you look at it from a high place, it’s like you’re going down a steep slope.

But the strong and smooth bridge will only deliberately scare you, and will never lead you to the cold river.

The Atlantic highway not only has its ingenious engineering design, but also claims that its scenery is absolutely amazing.

Tourists who come here in summer may be able to see seals and seabirds and enjoy the wonderful contact between nature and all kinds of creatures.

If those bold tourists come here in autumn, they may be in the rough waves.

However, only experienced riders are recommended here.

Although it is beautiful, it is also dangerous.

Without certain experience, it is best not to ride here alone# Warm tips #1.

While intoxicating the beautiful scenery, you must pay attention to safety at any time.


People without self driving experience are not recommended to challenge.

Please practice your riding skills first.


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