Ride night statistician: just now, sudden good!

News: 1.

The trend of a shares today is volatile again, but it is much better than that of Hong Kong shares.

As soon as the Hong Kong stock market opened today, Hang Seng technology fell by more than two points.

As the main battlefield for Pakistan Laos to reduce its holdings, BYD Hong Kong stock market suffered the greatest pressure.

This wave has completely fallen out of the trend.

There is a saying that today, the fund is actually protecting BYD, selling other stocks to buy BYD, and the trading volume of BYD is quite large, which may indeed be a bit interesting.

Fosun Pharmaceutical was reduced by the controlling shareholder, and there was no temper at all.

Today’s northbound is sold all the way.

However, the A-share market fell a little today, and there may be funds to protect the market.

The Hong Kong stock market fell bitterly when nobody cared about it.

I don’t think the A-share index will fall much this time, but some star stocks are expected to fall a little worse, and they have been smashing recently.


Caixin’s index exceeded expectations.

Although it was lower than the previous value, it was better than expected..


The probability of the Federal Reserve cutting interest rates by 75bp dropped a little, from the highest 73% to the current 57%.

Although it is still quite high, it has not stimulated the rebound of Hong Kong stocks.

This month, the Federal Reserve’s contraction accelerated, and the pressure is still very great.


In the process of the decline of the overall financing cost, interest rates such as loans have reached a record low, and non-standard costs are also near the historical low.

From the perspective of bank debt cost, it has also dropped to near the historical low, and it is still in the downward process, which means that the bank’s ability to bear low interest rates will also be improved.

The incremental social financing cost estimated by Guosheng securities according to the social financing structure has reached a new low in history.

In the second quarter of this year, it has dropped to 3.78%, which is lower than 3.98% in the third quarter of 2016.

In the third quarter of this year, it is expected that it will further decline and may fall below 3.6%.

There are white horse stocks “collapsed” on the market.

Today, the retreat of the big consumer industry is still very strong.

Most of the northbound participation is mainly in the value category, so today’s large net outflow may mean that northbound is selling large consumption.

Fuling mustard, a white horse stock, suddenly fell by 8% today, hitting a new low in the year.

We didn’t see any sudden bad news on the news.

In that case, it is likely that it is the result of the main fund’s position adjustment.

The market is weak and consumption is weak.

As the leader of the segmented industry, Fuling mustard also weakens.

When it is weak to a certain extent, it is inevitable that it will trigger the fund’s position adjustment.

In addition, Fosun system led by Guo Guangchang continued to reduce its holdings for cash.

On the evening of the 2nd, Fosun hi tech, the controlling shareholder, planned to reduce its a shares by no more than 3% of the company’s total share capital.

This reduction is the first initiative reduction of Fosun hi tech as the controlling shareholder since Fosun Pharma was listed in 1998.

Affected by this, Fosun Pharmaceutical plummeted, directly falling by the limit.

From the technical point of view of future market research and judgment, after continuous adjustment, the market finally ushered in a stop decline, and the 1-minute level has formed two central backlashes, which is stronger than previous times, but the volume has not been enlarged, so the short-term adjustment of the low point can not be said to have been completed.

We said that if we can stand at 3200 points, then the basic adjustment is over.

So the key is to look at Tuesday.

If we can stand at 3200 points on Tuesday, It will enter the repair state in the short term.

This cycle is at least one week, and 3250-3300 points can be seen in the space.

That is to say, as long as you can stand at 3250 points, you can basically reach 3300 points.

Specifically, I will analyze the trend structure every day.

Cyclists hope that everyone can develop a good habit of looking good after reading.

If my analysis benefits you, you don’t need to give anything back or appreciate it.

I just hope to forward and share it with the circle of friends.

Thank you very much!..