Ride New Area! Don’t miss these routes~

In recent years, new trends such as camping and picnicking have set off an upsurge.

▲ Yanyang Lake in Zhaoqing New Area | Tuyuan imc urban camping and cycling, as one of the leisure and healthy ways to play, is popular with more and more young people because of its light package, which can not only exercise, but also fully enjoy the scenery along the way.

▲ What kind of surprise will you encounter when you take a photo of ping riding in Zhaoqing New Area? Let’s unlock this wonderful ride! ↓↓ Go through the creeks and woods to feel the charm of wetlands.

Zhaoqing New Area has built many wetland parks around the wetland ecology, with different scenery and picturesque scenery.

▲ Ping takes pictures of large and small greenways, with trees, flowers, bridges, flowing water, or pavilions and trestles.

▲ When Lu Jianrong takes a photo of riding here, there are always amazing sceneries waiting for you to discover, such as the light and soft pink and black weed, the red metasequoia forest, etc., which make people linger.

Visit the Waterfront New City, and feel the charm of butterfly change.

Changli River in Zhaoqing New Area passes through the core area of the New City.

Riding along the riverbanks on both sides, you can not only enjoy the natural pleasure of riding against the wind, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Waterfront New City in the New Area.

▲ Ping took pictures of the distinctive buildings and parks on both sides of Changli River in the new area.

From here, the modern green new city is fully exposed.

▲ Photographed by Wu Fan ▲ Photographed by Li Miaoto Sheraton Hotel, the first professional football stadium in Guangdong, the largest beach swimming stadium in Zhaoqing…

If you want to enjoy the charm of the new city in the new area, this route is the first choice.

▲ Xie Biying took pictures around Yanyang Road, and felt the lake and mountain scenery.

As a newly upgraded national 3A tourist scenic spot, Yanyang Lake Park has become a popular online card punching place for tourists with its eight scenic spots of Yanyang, such as “mirror of the sky” and “rose blooming”.

Camping, picnicking, cruising, walking…

Yanyang Lake Park can be opened in a variety of ways, but the best way to visit is riding.

▲ The ping photography park has a 4.8km shoreline around the lake, and you can ride all the way with beautiful scenery everywhere.

The lake nearby and the mountain peaks in the distance are indistinct.

The white clouds are reflected in the lake.

The vast expanse of smoke and the vast expanse of water and the sky are one color.

It can be said that the scenery is infinite.

▲ Feng Hanqi took pictures of Zhaoqing New Area today, which is picturesque! Come and have a ride.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery, natural scenery and riding fun in the picture scroll drawn by the green road and the mountain lake city.

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