Ride Nanjing Road

I am a good law-abiding citizen, and sometimes I go out of line.

No, the government’s words of “staying at home” didn’t do it.

I went to Nanjing road again today.

In a month, out of frustration, stubble pressing was promoted for the third time.

This is the hardest time.

Ride through zone 3.

Two thirds of the intersection between Hongkou and Jing’an is equipped with iron fences, guarded by the police or auxiliary police, and checked for two certificates and one code (it must be proved by nucleic acid within 48 hours.

Although I am green, I have exceeded the time limit, so I can’t avoid talking).

Overall, law enforcement is moderate.

Only at the junction between the two districts, for the reason of “railway police in charge of each section”, it is unambiguous and the inventory is quite strict.

The most strict control is in Huangpu District.

The so-called grid prevention and control, one block, one block, divided and surrounded, is very thorough and controlled.

All roads on both sides of East Nanjing Road were closed.

At the intersection, Dawei is diligent in his duty and dare not slacken a little.

Thirty or fifty meters away, he waved and asked what to stop for.

I was timid by nature.

I was frightened when I saw Da Bai from a distance.

I got off the bus like a conditioned reflex and was ready for examination.

Except for the roads, all alleys and alleys, without exception, are welded and sealed with blue iron plates, which are airtight; What’s more, at the entrance of an alley on Ningbo Road, the iron plate is two or three floors high.

The danger is high.

The ape wants to climb up.

There are also tents at the entrance of the alley, with beds, tables and chairs inside.

It can be seen that they are prepared for a long-term plan and are on duty day and night.

They have the posture of not fighting and defeating Omicron and not withdrawing troops.

Along the way, the sound of cars and people basically disappeared.

At the intersection of East Nanjing Road and Middle Fujian Road, I saw two cats, one big, one small, one black and one yellow, walking in the street.

The silent Puxi and closed roads can be recorded in the annals of Shanghai.

There is no straight way out, always around and around, constantly around, seven around and eight turns, pushing up and down (some crossing roadblocks are very difficult to pass, so they can’t ride, so they can only be carried out).

Today, I was interrogated by the police for a total of 6 times, 2 times and 4 times.

Crossing the Suzhou River is particularly troublesome.

I went to Henan Road and bridge and returned to Hengfeng Road and Bridge in a big circle.

In the center of Henan Road and bridge, after registration, listen to the police’s instruction: 48 hours nucleic acid, you know? Why come out when you know? Let you go this time! not to be taken as a precedent! It takes three and a half hours to return to the community at noon, and the second half of the pass is returned to the guard.

The trip is over.

I can’t go home yet.

I’m waiting in line downstairs for nucleic acid.

I’ve done it countless times.

So he took out his mobile phone, matched the code, signed up, took off his mask, opened his mouth and saluted like a meter.

In this epidemic, I found that the importance of mobile phones is absolutely more than anything on my body.

No! What is it? It’s your life! Lose your cell phone and lose your life! I’m really tired today.

One afternoon, lie flat and sleep.